International Women`s Day

Posted on Mar 8 2016

International Women`s Day

Today is celebrated as International Women`s Day. As we uphold all the women in our life, we KIIDU as well celebrate womanhood in all glory. While we cannot overlook the accomplishments of women neither can we ignore the fact that progress is slowing down everywhere. In these days of uncertainty we should especially have gratitude towards the role women are playing in our lives.

As women have transcended boundaries into all sorts or professions, we at KIIDU would like to uphold the role of nannies in our lives. As we juggle both work and home we forget that it is made possible because of the significant contribution from nannies. On this women`s day we celebrate the services that nannies provide in our lives. As we venture out into the world conquering greater heights it is the nannies that we have that`s keeping the home together and giving you a tense free life when you know that your kids are fed and looked after by these gracious women.

As we are growing as a community internet and other means of networking has made it possible to connect the right nanny for your homes. KIIDU has been specialized in that and we pride ourselves with the warm reviews that are pouring in from both nannies and families. A humble start made by our founder Alfiah, a mother herself KIIDU has grown so much since the inception as we have already a database of over 1000 nannies employed by families.

KIIDU have well qualified nannies with background checks done from different nationalities that are available as Part Time, Full Time and On Demand.

Write to us at [email protected] or give us a call at +66 972348490 for any queries you have.

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