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  • Input your requirements and the Kiidu team will be in touch with
    you to connect you to the best driver. We will connect you with
    highly-qualified drivers who have been thoroughly evaluated
    based upon their professionalism and driving skills.
  • Finding a reliable full-time driver can be a difficult task.
    Kiidu can help by enlarging your search network to include a large number
    of professional drivers looking for a job.
  • Browse our drivers’ profiles to see their experience and
    expertise; and to narrow down your selection.
Services Included
Office driver
Home driver
Female driver
Male driver
Special Skills
Multilingual drivers
European car driving
Asian car driving
Van driving
Luxury car driving

The local driver who knows the city well and also can drive your children to school, office or do errands for your family. Check our driver who is presentable and well-spoken, patient, flexible and intuitive, responding to your family’s needs in a timely manner.

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