Elderly caregiver service
Posted on August 25, 2020


Kiidu is introducing a new service to our customers. Started in August 2020 we offer senior caregiver service for families who are looking for elderly caregivers for their family.

Our desire to help the elderly is commendable, and It will make a difference in their lives by giving a positive impact on those you care who doesn't just depend on your compassion but also on the education and training which It is important for your family.

The main duties for the elderly caregiver may include; taking vital sign, feeding, bathing, dressing residents and providing companionship

Our primary mission is to keep elderly independent for as long as possible, and that means making sure our Professional elderly caregivers have the tools, training, and experiences they need to help older people with the highest quality care. We offer basic training, to check their professional experiences and resources that will have a big impact on your family.


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