SME adaptation to develop business which is named VUCA project organized by the Thai government and Thammasat university
Posted on September 5, 2022

Kiidu (Thailand) Ltd, co was selected to join the VUCA project to develop Kiidu caregiver business with professors at VUCA from Apr 3, 2022 to Aug 3, 2022. because, we see that many families in Thailand need someone who can trust and help to decrease their work, because of people’s life conditions are changing and other factors.



Kiidu aims to drive the business development for improving the standard and services to be one of caregivers that meet the needs of consumers, fulfill the caregiver’s standards of quality which Kiidu always concerns for keeping up with consumer needs, social issues, and technology.

So we decided to join The VUCA project to create the best service of caregivers for serving to Kiidu’s customers.   



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