Right of Domestic Workers Training Session
Posted on September 4, 2023

Right of Domestic Workers Training Session

Kiidu was honoured by the ministry of labour on Sunday 3rd September 2023 to educate right of domestic workers.


Natnaree Kaowwangpa, a specialist from the department of labour and welfare, had trained and acknowledged attendants about legal right

topics of domestic helpers such as working day, holiday, sick leave, remuneration, and termination. Communicating to the domestic workers

in case of giving them correct information about labour right. Protecting domestic workers from unfair employers.

We received such outstanding feedbacks from attendants. One of the attendants said speech that she was very thankful to this training.

Kiidu and the ministry of labours are williing to creating standard sustainbility to these workers, therefore we are hoping to create

this kind of training session in every quarters. Keep in touch for the news.

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