Thailand Elite Card
Posted on September 16, 2022

We are glad to announce that this year we have been chosen to give our service to Thai governmental organization for the Thailand Elite program.


Kiidu is a partner with Thai Elite from today onwards.

Please read the link https://www.thailandelite.com/tpc-news/detail/248

👉 What is "Elite Card"?

Thailand Elite Card was established in July 2003. It is a project of Thaksin Shinawatra government operated under Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, a state-owned enterprise. under the supervision of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the sole shareholder of the Company.

In this project, the government will sell elite cards to foreigners entering Thailand. especially wealthy people both entering as businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, including visiting tourists Long vacation in Thailand Prices range from about 500,000 baht to 2,000,000 baht.

Of course, when a person chooses to buy different types of cards, the benefits that come with it are all sorts of "VIP" things, such as immigration privileges. service at the airport Various recreational places, golf courses, spas, hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

We will provide V.I.P service to the Elite members. From the Driver, Maid, Chef, Senior caregiver, Nanny, Butler with a special rate & service.

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