Kiidu's 1st workshop
Posted on January 11, 2016

Kiidu's 1st Workshop


On Wednesday 18.11.2015, Kiidu held its first Workshop for 9 caregivers who were going to an Indian wedding at Hua Hin. The caregivers where, 2 of them were nannies for children, 3 senior caregivers and 4 maids for ironing guests’ clothes.


The purpose of the Workshop was to inform and prepare caregivers for the wedding on the coming weekend, describe what Indian weddings are like with the help of illustrative videos, tell them do’s and don’ts, what is expected from them and what they should do.


The wedding was on 20th-22nd of November in Hua Hin with 400 attending guests. Caregivers were instructed to always carry a smile and be polite no matter what, be with children all the time, make sure children are always safe, help seniors whenever they request or need help, take good care of all guests’ and iron clothes very carefully since clothes may consists of delicate materials.


Furthermore, nannies were explained Kiidu nannies are reliable, available, fast, invisible as in not standing out from the crowd but performing their duties as an invisible helping hand, careful and kind, always smiling and promoting Kiidu services.


Caregivers were also informed what not to do including to not to sit and talk to other nannies during working hours, to not to physically discipline children or yell at them, to not to drink, use drugs or consume illegal substances while on duty, to not to touch any belongings that do not belong to them unless specifically requested and to not to treat with anyone with lack of respect.


Regarding extra work caregivers were instructed their working day is 12 hours and they are to inform Kiidu before working overtime or performing anything which is not listed as their duty. During the workshop a responsible caregiver was selected who would be in charge during the wedding and to whom other nannies should report matters related to the wedding and whom would further inform Kiidu. Caregivers were also handed Kiidu shirts which they would be wearing during the event to promote Kiidu.

Caregiver arrangements were also explained starting from transportation to wedding to food and accommodation which was provided and paid by the wedding planner. There was coordinator with the nannies who helped them to reach the wedding venue and guided them with their duties. There was a group leader apointed among the nannies who would be incharge of the requirements and needs of the nannies. 

Over all, the work shop was a big success and Kiidu is looking forward to many more events in future. 


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