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Kiidu Thailand Co, Ltd

Our Company

Kiidu was established in 2015, We provide parents with an end-to-end solution to review, book, pay and rate a caregiver online. Looking for last minute, part-time or full-time caregivers. It is trustworthy, quick, easy, removes cash hassle and is convenient.

Kiidu is a community, which focuses on building trust and qualified services for parents who want to enjoy their time without worrying about the welfare of their kids. We will provide an excellent, easy and good hand for parents.

We introduced our  3R ( Reference, recommendation and Rating system). Our Thai and Burmese caregivers will have Police criminal check and also we offer our caregivers Training with local nanny training and also CPR course. Even though we partnered with an International nanny training certification which will help the nanny to have an international standard. We believe that our core business will hit the market and solve the parents’ problem.

Our platform provides families with robust solutions. Our consumer matching solutions are our core offering allow families to search for qualify, vet, connect with and ultimately select caregiver in wide broad selection, reliable and easy way.

Our platform also provides caregivers with solutions to create personal profiles, describe their unique skills and experience and otherwise differentiate and market themselves in a highly fragmented marketplace.

Our platform offers Convenience Payments.  This offering enables families to make electronic payments to their caregivers using our website. This solution is particularly applicable for families who pay their caregivers at irregular intervals such as "date night" babysitters, hotel guests, traveller parents, after-school caregivers or tutors, or in varying amounts, each time services are performed.

We work with our sister company Finder Service Recuitment Co, Ltd to make our company comply with the local needs and We work closely with the Labour Deapartment.


Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide a flexible and easy to use platform that helps to establish fast and reliable connections between caregivers and customers. Our solution helps families to find their most dedicated helper and gives nannies, maids, senior caregivers, tutors and pet caregivers the opportunity to present themselves at their best. To constantly raise the quality of our services, we support our caregivers by offering training that better their opportunities to find the perfect job. We strive to simplify and speed up the process to enable caregiver services on demand.  We are also social enterprise company which encourage, help and empower our caregivers.


Our Vision

To be the number one/ leading caregiver service provider in Southeast Asia by establishing trustful bonds that make peoples’ lives easier.

Establish a trustful bond between caregivers and those who seek help.

To provide superior quality caregiver services that make peoples’ lives easier.

Through our high-quality caregiver services, we ensure that your beloveds are in good hands.


Our Solution

Kiidu is not only a company that establishes a connection between parents and a nanny, it rather is a consultant and provider of caregiver services – including nannies, maids, senior caregivers, tutors and pet caregivers. Our portfolio of products and services include several components.

Online Platform

The online platform at kiidu.com allows caregivers like nannies to present themselves at their best on the one hand. And on the other hand, it offers a fast and easy to handle procedure for the customers who are searching for help to reveal their unique requests. The online platform allows us to handle each case as efficiently as possible.

Background Check

Each caregiver that wants to create a profile on the Kiidu online platform needs to appear in the office personally. There we do a background check on the basis of résumés, recommendation letters and the like. Moreover, we take a picture and record a short introduction to the caregiver’s online profile. This is to make sure that we at Kiidu are able to guarantee a high-quality standard of our care services.

Police verification 

Our on demand nannies undergo stringent background checks to ensure quality and for your peace of mind, Reference checks & police background checks are performed prior to acceptance of being listed in our database.



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