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Alfiah - Mother and CEO of Kiidu
Alfiah - Mother and CEO of Kiidu

Kiidu was created by a mom who has experience with nannies in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

"The Kiidu idea was created on the basis of my own experiences. While I was traveling and living abroad with my kids, relocating to new cities and countries, I found it difficult to find experienced babysitters or helpers who I could trust, especially when moving to a new country where I hadn't yet met the local community.
Having experienced these difficulties firsthand, my idea was born. I became determined to find an easy way for parents to have access to a database of qualified and trustworthy caregivers at their fingertips. Aiming to make the process as easy & streamlined as possible.”




Connecting caregivers with expats, local parents and visitors either for fulltime or on-demand services. We currently focus on the Southeast Asia market with our head office Based in Bangkok, Thailand, and offices in Singapore and Bali, Indonesia.

I created Kiidu for my struggle, my friend's struggle and your struggle.

Kids are our gift,  The early childhood years are a treasure which will last for a short of time. Sometimes parents forget that. But even the most dedicated parents can't be available every moment in their children's lives to help them learn and grow. That's why we're committed to helping parents find more than child care.

We help families find the best sitters and nannies who will challenge, nurture, and enrich kids when their Mom and Dad can't be there. Whether you are on holiday or visiting for any other purposes, we focus on connecting each family with the one caregiver who best matches their needs.


                I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care!   

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Our trainers!


We empower and educate our nannies, maids, tutors, senior caregivers by providing good training. We believe that training is very important for our caregivers.

The best sitters are here!

We make finding that perfect nanny a better experience for parents. Everything we do, It is based on own experiences the technology we build, the nannies we partner with, and everything our business embodies strives to attract, cultivate, and feature the industry's top nannies for parents.

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