Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policies

On - Demand Service

  • Any cancellations made within 4 hours of the appointment are not refundable.
  • Cancellation made 1 day prior to the appointment is 50% refundable.


Long - Term Service

1. Interview

  • Any cancellations less than 4 hours is not refundable (it includes the changing time and address). Customer doesn’t show up or can't be contacted by the nanny/maid.
  • Any cancellation more than 4 hours is 50% refundable (it is applied during working hours, Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm). It is valid for changing the date and time of the interview.

  • If the nanny/maid doesn't show up or any unexpected situation occurs, the interview fee will be 100% refunded.

  • Any cancellation more than 1 day in advance, the interview is 100% refundable (100% refund will be applied if the nanny does not show up).


2. Subscription

  • Subscription is not refundable.

  • Subscription cannot be changed once you've used our service.

  • The subscription plan is only valid for one type of service.

  • Any cancellation at any point for any reason results in a 100% payment of the subscription fee. NO REFUNDS WHATSOEVER.


3. Commission fee

  • Any cancellation less than 4 days after the caregiver works results in a deduction of the paid commission fee to Kiidu, which will be refunded.

  • The refund will be calculated as the number of working days multiplied by 800 baht/daily rate.

  • Any cancellation more than 4 days later results in NO REFUNDS WHATSOEVER.


4. Kiidu has right not to provide service to a client if any payment is not settled.

  • The client doesn't pay the processing / subscription fee.

  • The client doesn't pay the commision fee.

  • The client doesn't pay the interview fee.


5. Cancellation process 

Failure to submit payment could result in the cancellation of the contract. This is applicable for customers who don’t pay the fee after 3 days.


6. Refund Prior

Refund requests will be processed within 15 - 30 working days from the date of the request, which means that every refund will be processed on the 15th and 30th of each month.


7. Termination of the agreement 

In the even Client conducts any intimidating, threatening or insulting behavior towards Kiidu and Kiidu's employees, Kiidu has right to stop providing the service to the client or terminate the contract 

Kiidu has the rights to terminate the agreement if the customer does any of the following:

  • Physically and verbally abuse.

  • Engage in sexual harassment.

  • Intentionally make a significantly late wage payment.

  • Deduct from nanny's salary.

  • Overload the nanny with work with no proper rest.

  • Fail to provide food as previously agreed.

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