Nanny FAQ


How to join Kiidu?

Please read all the provided information by Kiidu before joining us. It will give you a clear picture of how kiidu works.

Follow our steps:

  1. Sign up/create an account
  2. Navigate to nanny options
  3. Set preferences and provide details
  4. Get hired

How do I know that a family has requested me?

There are 2 ways to know that a family has requested you to babysit :

  1. By email : an email is sent to you, when there is a request.
  2. A message : when you log in to the site, you will see it in your inbox.

How to take the job?

You should provide a nice profile and list of attached document, parents will select you based on your provided information. When parents select you and you give a confirmation that means your duty will start soon.

You will get a notification from us and the job requirement, if you like the job, you can respond to it and if you don't like the job, just click no button.

Please be on time for the interview, it's very important for the first impression to show that you are responsible to take the job.

Don't be shy and be talk active to show your interest

Be honest with your work, the family will accept and like you easily

List of Document

  1. Passport
  2. References
  3. CPR certificate
  4. Nanny Certificate
  5. Approve of your address

Can I take a job as I want?

Kiidu gives you the power to manage your own schedule. When you're available to babysit, simply check into on our system and start accepting requests. If not available, go offline until you're ready to take a job again.

How long do I need to confirm a request job?

If It is a part-time job, you should respond as soon as possible, otherwise it will go to other nannies automatically

If It is a full-time job, within 24 hours you should give a confirmation.

How do I decline a request?

If you can't take the job, you can decline and on the same form as the Accept form, enter a reason, and click on the button "Decline". You should update your calendar frequently to avoid having to decline.

How do I cancel a confirmed booking?

You shouldn't be canceling a confirmed booking unless you have an emergency situation. We ask you provide at least 24-hour notice. Same day cancellations are only acceptable in case of an emergency.

If you can't cancel online, you need to always let us know when you have to cancel a confirmed booking. If you cannot keep a commitment to a job for a reason such as illness or emergency contact us as soon as possible.

How do I meet the parents?

After your confirmation that you are available to take a job, you should prepare and get ready to meet parents on time, It is based on the provided address by parents. you should calculate and find out how to get to the parents.

Either you can ask the parents how to get there by email or you can get the information from Google, you can use google map or GPS.

You can take the best way to parents as your convenience.

How about salary?

We do not intervene between families and babysitter. Babysitter's rates are posted on their profiles.

You should set your own price and value your self based on your background and experiences. If you have good qualifications, many experiences, and references, you could set a good price for you but If you are just new nanny, please set the price based on the market.

Can a family contact me directly?

NO, Families should not contact you directly. Nanny requests always are directed to Kiidu nannies.

Please let us know if a family ever tries to contacts you directly as it is against our policies. Failure to report will result in your nanny account being removed.

How If I am not happy with jobs?

First, you should talk with the parent directly and discuss the issue. If the issue is not solved with the family, you should contact us.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at [email protected] or phone +66 972348490

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