Nanny Rules

Our Rules and Regulations for Caregivers.

We’re committed to helping parents in finding more than child care. We help families find the best sitters and nannies who will challenge, nurture, and enrich children when parents can’t be there.


Interview selection

All the candidates will be interviewed in person. When personal interviews are not possible, the candidates will be interview by telephone or skype.

Once an interview time has been arranged the Nanny must attend If for whatever reason the Nanny is unable to attend she must inform us beforehand. If a Nanny fails to show up, a written warning will be issued.

Caregivers reference Checks

The family will be provided with information on a candidate’s employment history, job qualification and work experiences. Families will be provided with information and encouraged to check references for themselves. Police background check will be conducted on all caregivers prior to commencing work.

A written agreement with which specifies the agency's fees, refund/replacement policies and services shall be provided.

There will be a written agreement between the company and the prospective employer to facilitate an understanding of the obligations and expectations of both parties. Both the company and the prospective employee should keep a copy on file.

Make adjustments/refunds promptly and in accordance with the written policies of the company.

It is recommended that any replacement and/or refund policies be clearly outlined in the written agreement or contract made between the family and the prospective Nanny.



  • ID: Passport, work permit, Pink Card, house registration

  • Certificate: course or University

  • Job Letter: a proof or confirmation from the previous employers

  • Interview with Kiidu

  • Sign the agreement with Kiidu

  • Register yourself or making profile at www.kiidu.com

  • Making a short video introduction



Respect the work agreements between families and nannies.

The caregiver applicants will not be solicited for other positions while they are still in the employ of a family unless the nanny requests assistance with finding a new position.

Abide by all pertinent laws and regulations.

Kiidu will be knowledgeable about and comply with all applicable laws and regulations affecting placement operations in their jurisdictions, including but not limited to licensing requirements, wages and labour requirements. It is recommended that placement agencies carry professional insurance if obtainable.



  • Respect the contributions of individuals and organizations involved in professional in­home child care.
  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct.
  • Respect and support families in their task of nurturing children.
  • Promote the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of children.
  • Support the lifelong process of personal growth and professional development.
  • If a nanny fails to complete a job and specified time period with no valid reason, she will not be paid as a penalty for breaking the contract. The Nanny should stay until the trial period which is a week. After that, if the nanny considers taking a job, The nanny should stay a minimum of 1 month. The Nanny can come back to us after a trial period or a month
  • nanny cannot demand money from Kiidu, until and unless the parents (customers) have transferred the money to the company.



  • If the parents are happy and recommend the nanny again the nanny will be eligible for a higher salary and will appear higher on the list.
  • If it's observed that the nanny is excelling at her work and loyal to the family, there will be an increase in wages after a certain period of time.
  • Nannies should never drink alcohol or smoke at the employer’s home or in the presence of children at any time.
  • Nannies should never smack a child.
  • A nanny should always have good communication with the parents and parents should be aware of her whereabouts at all times.
  • A nanny should never leave a child alone around water or alone in the house even for a few minutes i.e. to hang up the washing
  • A nanny should never go outside with the child without a permission i.e. garden or park 
  • If the nanny is facing any problems or is not happy with the family, the nanny should contact Kiidu directly to discuss the situation.
  • Any abuses will be reported to the police, the nanny will not get any salary and the nanny will be suspended.
  • Theft will not be tolerated, If a parent advised of theft the Nanny will be automatically dismissed and a police report filed.
  • The nanny should listen and follow the timetable given by the parents.
  • We hope for a healthy relationship with all our nannies and to be part of the Kiidu family, where we are able to make each other happy


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