Parent FAQ


Are you an agency ?

We are not an agency but we are a connector. We are community to connect parents with nannies.

We are committed to helping parents find more than child care, we help families find the best sitters and nannies who will challenge, nurture and enrich kids when mom and dad cant be there.

Our mission is to make finding that perfect sitter or nanny a better experience for families.

How does system work ?

As a parent just getting started with Kiidu. You don"t need to pay the membership!

Just simply "search for sitter based on your preferences for one-time, recurring, full time or last minute job to the board.

How do I signup for Kiidu as a Parent ?

As parent, you can easily sign up for Kiidu using your existing Facebook or Linkedin account , we encourage parents to use their social media to allow you to discover amazing babysitters recommended by your friends and colleagues and also leverage your social network to customize your experience. We only access basic account information including name, photo, location and social connections. We respect your privacy and do not post anything to those account without your permission.

It's free to sign up for Kiidu

Can I Register Without Using Facebook?

You can sign up without your social media but we do encourage parents to use their social media to build parent's community and help other parents finding amazing babysitters.

How do I choose a babysitter ?

When you make an on-line Babysitter Request, you will be shown profiles of available babysitters to choose from. You can then click on a link ask one or several babysitters of your choice to babysit for you. The babysitter(s) you are asking will accept or decline the request, and you will be notified by email or text.

Can the babysitter cancel the request after being confirmed?

Yes, the babysitter may cancel a confirmed request after accepting. We strongly ask our babysitters to do this only in case of emergency. If it happens, you will receive an email notification with a link to the request on the site showing other available babysitters, and you can request another babysitter, or cancel the request, or contact us if time is too short, and we'll try to accommodate you.

Can I change a request or delete it after I submit it?

No. We find it preferable that you cancel the request and create a new one, so you preserve the history of what's happened.

How do I cancel a Sitter Request?

Log in to your Client Account. In your menu, select Client Booking List. Then click on Confirmed to see your confirmed babysitter bookings. There is a Cancel option for each request.

What if I can't find a babysitter?

When our calendar matching system can't find any available babysitters, it notifies us immediately. You also have the option to send us a message with any details you deem necessary. If you do contact us, we'll try to find a suitable babysitter for you.

Should I tip babysitters?

Tips for babysitters are optional and appreciated but definitely not expected. Babysitters should expect to earn the agreed upon hourly rate for their sitting jobs and be paid by cash or transfer to their account at the end of the job. Families should never feel obligated to tip their babysitters.

Do families need to make a working contract for their nanny / maid ?

Transparency is always good, in order to avoid any inconveniences in the future, we recommend the family to prepare the contract between their nanny and the family.Kiidu can help to provide a template and the family can modify it themselves.

What should be written in the working contract for the nanny ?

Families who hire nannies, should agree whether they are living in or out of the house and this should be clearly stated. Before accepting a position, a nanny should feel comfortable in the prospective family’s environment, such as: working days, working hours, job duties and responsibilities, public holiday, over times, paid holiday, sick leave and bonus. It is important for nannies to sit down with their future employers and discuss expectations on both sides and what their job entails. This will prevent disagreements and tension later. But most nannies experience great professional and personal satisfaction in their jobs.

Does a family need to give a bonus to the nanny or maid ?

Offering a bonus is an individual’s choice and may differ from family to family. It should be given after a year at least,  to their nanny as a gift of recognition. By doing that, the nanny will consider working for the family for a longer period of time. It can be cash bonuses and can be ranged from small to large amounts – up to two weeks’ worth of wages. It depends on their specific budget and how well they believe that their nanny has performed throughout the year.

How many days does the nanny/maid get paid holiday ?

It is based on Thai law, that the nanny and maid are entitled to at least day off each week , If the employer needs them to work on the weekend they should pay it as over time. In addition, the employer needs to give 13 traditional paid holidays a year, six days paid annual leave after one year of employment, and three days of paid sick leave a year.

The Thai labour law

The Labour Protection and Welfare Department, warned that employers would be fined up to 20,000 baht if they failed to give their maids/ nannies at least one day off each week or do not pay them during their entitled sick leave. Employers could face a jail term of up to six months and/or a fine of 100,000 baht if they failed to pay wages to their maids/ nannies who worked on official holidays.