Trust and Safety


Trust and Safety

“Trust and safety of our members and families is the top priority for us at Kiidu. We strive to provide everyone with as much information as possible. Every member of Kiidu has passed a background review.”


Police background check

All nannies are required to pass a police background check before being able to start accepting jobs. 

It is only applicable for Thai and Burmese candidates only.


In-person interview

All nannies have an in-person interview with Kiidu staff where their language, certifications, and other documents are checked to ensure genuine information.



Kiidu provides training to our nannies and maids. We belive that training is very important for our caregivers. We are dedicated to empowering and educating the nannies, maids, caregivers through our trainings.

We have very strong policy/ legal right training and skill training based on their type of work, We do understand that skills are very important for our nannies, maids because It defines as the ability to carry out their tasks and duties which will help the family's life easier. And we define the skill training into the type of job.

Our training is conducted by our professional trainer weekly who knows our industry well. And every nanny and maid muss attend the basic training. If you are not happy with your nanny and maid, you can send your nanny or maid for training as much as you want too.



All reviews are directly from our customers; they are candid and unedited. We have hundreds happy customers who are satisfied with our nanny, tutor, elderly care, nurse, driver. you can check our testimonials on our website, google or facebook.


Education background

All nannies provide their relevant education and certificates on their profile for your reviewal. These are checked by Kiidu staff to ensure they are genuine.



 We encourage parents to use their social media to allow you to communicate with us and discover the amazing babysitters recommended by your friends and colleagues.



Your contact information will only be for our company and It will be shared to the nanny, maid, caregiver after a booking is confirmed.


Payment protection

We partnered with the most reliable, safe and easy to use payment providers. you can pay our fees with credit card, paypal and bank transfer. These provide everyone with a worry-free transaction.


Member services

Kiidu staff is available for questions, emergencies, and changes in bookings. We are reachable through email, phone, WhatsApp, Line, and Messenger.


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