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Tutors help students with their homework and offer private supplementary lessons outside of the regular school curriculum. Private tuition with a Kiidu Tutor is the choice for parents who want to ensure their children learn efficiently and get good grades in school.

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List everything to find the right tutor for you. The more information you give, the more likely you are to find the right tutor! We will connect you with tutors who are strong in languages (Thai, English etc), science or other subjects.

How much should you charge a tutor? The salary will depend on their skills, qualifications, experience and other relevant information.

Finding tutors can be hard for parents. They often have to rely on their friends and relatives on finding tutors. Kiidu enlarges your scope by connecting you with a wide selection of tutors looking for families & ready to teach.

Browse our tutor's profiles, experience & expertise to narrow down your selections making it more relevant to your criteria, such as subjects taught, efficiency in teaching school grades, languages, skills etc.

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