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Introduction and Overview:
Kiidu was established in 2015, providing families with an end-to-end solution to review, book, pay and rate a caregiver online. We accommodate families with last minute, part-time or full-time caregivers. It is a trustworthy, convenient and quick service that provides caregiving solutions, as well as playing into the modern trends of online services that also remove the cash hassle.
Kiidu is a community, which focuses on building trust and qualified services for parents who want to enjoy time away from their children without worrying about their children’s welfare or company. We aim to provide an excellent and easy helping hand for parents.Read more
“Trust and safety of our members and families is the top priority for us at Kiidu. We strive to provide everyone with as much information as possible. Every member of Kiidu has passed safety checks such as background reviews.”
Safety Center
Upon joining Kiidu, caregivers undergo an approval process administered by our affiliated entity, Finder Service Recruitment, Co., Ltd., a reputable recruitment company. This rigorous process ensures that all profiles are screened for inappropriate or inconsistent content before becoming active on Kiidu website.
Caregivers have the opportunity to showcase their preferences, qualifications, experience, offered services, and availability on their profiles. To aid in your caregiver selection, consider your ideal candidate's characteristics as you browse through Kiidu's listings.
All eligible caregivers must further enhance their credibility by verifying their identity through the Kiidu ID card via the Kiidu Application. Only successfully verified caregivers are allowed to be displayed for employment, having a prominently displayed Kiidu ID card; which adds an extra layer of identity and security validation.
Kiidu employs a robust recruitment team, a subsidiary of Finder Service Recruitment, Co., Ltd., to identify and eliminate fraudulent or inappropriate content from our platform. If you encounter a profile that appears to be fraudulent or inappropriate, we encourage you to report it directly to our Customer Service team, who will prioritize your concerns and aid you in every possible way.
Kiidu’s customers have access to our caregivers' extensive documented credentials, including certificates, IDs, references, qualifications, criminal record checks, job references, and more. Our recruitment team, affiliated with Finder Service Recruitment, Co., Ltd., meticulously validates these documents before they appear on a caregiver's profile, maximizing the security Kiidu can provide. While we make every effort to ensure document authenticity, we recommend verifying documents in person when meeting candidates for the first time.
Kiidu encourages the community mindset, whereby customers can benefit from the insights and experiences of fellow parents who have proffered the feedback of caregivers they have previously hired. These reviews are easily accessible on the Kiidu website and are here to aid in your decision-making process.
We advise you to contact your Kiidu caregiver through our Customer Service team instead of your personal contact information. In that way, you can control how much of your contact or personal information such as address you would like to share. This service also promises the support of our Customer Service team, which will assist you in any of your needs and further protect your private information.
Kiidu offers a variety of caregiver options for your consideration. If you're interested in a particular candidate, you can inform our Customer Service team to arrange an interview on your behalf. We offer three types of interviews for your convenience:
Phone Call
We highly recommend conducting a brief telephone interview with candidates before in-person meetings or hiring decisions. This initial step allows you to assess personality, suitability, availability, and salary expectations.
Video Call
Kiidu provides the option for video call interviews, which offer a personal way to assess a caregiver's suitability if you're uncomfortable or unable to participate with in-person meetings.
In - person
If you've identified a caregiver of interest, you can request an in-person interview through our Customer Service team. This meeting provides an opportunity to evaluate skills and experience more intimately face-to-face. We recommend asking candidates to present their Kiidu ID card and hard copies of their documents, references, and certificates.
Once you've found a suitable candidate, please inform Kiidu Customer Service, who can assist you in obtaining references from the caregiver's prior employers before making a job offer, as a final step of confirmation of their compatibility to your family.
To ensure clarity and commitment, it is crucial to establish a written contract outlining all job details, including pay, conditions, and holidays. We recommend discussing all aspects of the contract with the caregiver before presenting the contract for both parties to sign.
If you wish to implement a probationary period, please notify your caregiver and include it in the contract. Probationary periods typically span 2 weeks to 1 month and can be an effective means of ensuring the right fit. It's important to note that Kiidu is not a party to any agreement or contract between the Customer and and can be an effective means of ensuring the right fit. It's important to note that Kiidu is not a party to any agreement or contract between the Customer and a caregiver. a caregiver.
First day
Kiidu suggests compiling a checklist of essential points to cover on your caregiver's first working day, including medical matters, emergency contacts, house details, and any relevant house rules. In this way, the caregivers are more able to fit the expectations and requirements of your household.
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