Introduction and Overview:
Kiidu is a trustworthy and professional service provider that is an intermediary platform, connecting the caregiver with prospective employers. Since the establishment of Kiidu in 2015, we have created and developed a job application system to facilitate our members. We have engaged in research and continuous platform enhancements for our caregivers with the aim of making Kiidu a safe and reliable platform for all.
Becoming our Member:
In the application process, all caregivers are required to undergo an approval procedure overseen by Finder Service Recruitment, Co., Ltd., a legally registered recruitment company with the Ministry of Labour working collaboratively with Kiidu, which offers two distinct methods, offering both offline and online options for caregivers. Read more
Photos & Documents:
At the initial stage of the application process, caregivers are kindly requested to provide essential documents to the company, including their ID card, passport, home registration, and work permit. Additionally, you are encouraged to submit supplementary documents such as educational certificates, professional training certificates, and reference letters. It is of significant importance that you also provide a good and suitable portrait as a profile picture and create a brief introductory video presenting yourselves.Read more
Criminal Record Check:
Caregivers must consent to a criminal background check conducted by our human resources department. Thai caregivers have the option to give authorization for the company to process the check by submitting authorization letters along with a copy of the signed ID card. Foreign caregivers, on the other hand, must visit our office on a scheduled date to undergo a criminal record check at the Royal Thai Police Headquarters. The outcome of this check should not reveal any criminal records associated with the caregivers.
Choosing Your Suitable Job:
In seeking the ideal job, we provide a range of resources to connect you with job opportunities, ensuring you find the one that best suits your needs. Read more
When employers express interest in your profile, they will request an interview with you. We offer three types of interviews: phone calls, video calls, and face-to-face interviews. These interviews serve as an opportunity for you to delve into the specifics of the job before making a decision about whether it aligns with your career goals. During the interview, we recommend that you ask questions aimed at the job expectations, working conditions, welfare, and the employer's needs in order to gain a better understanding of the job. It's important to have a clear understanding of the terms of employment before accepting a job offer. After the interview, kindly get in touch with our customer service representatives to discuss if the job aligns with your preferences.
Get a Job:
Once both the employer and caregivers have agreed on the job offer, our company will provide you with a formal job acceptance letter for your endorsement, signifying your commitment to the position. Your signature on the letter is required, and you should return the letters to our company as confirmation. Following this acceptance, you will subsequently receive a work contract template that includes essential details such as the start date, work location, job description, salary payment information, and more. We strongly recommend a thorough review of the contract before affixing your signature. Once you have signed the contract, please make a copy for your records and retain it.
Starting work:
Your first day is crucial for establishing a positive working relationship with your employer in a new working environment. Here's a guide on how to begin your first day of work: Read more
Maintain Good Work Performance:
Achieving and sustaining good work performance involves a combination of skills, habits, and attitudes. Caregivers should utilize their skills in accordance with their qualifications to provide the best possible performance. Emphasize the quality of your work together with developing effective time management skills. As well as maintain a positive attitude, a delicate mindset, and commitment to the work. These factors will contribute to a positive impact on both your individual performance and the overall work environment.
Upon the completion of your job contract, you are always welcome to return and seek a new job opportunity with us again. We strongly advise that you consider requesting a job reference letter from your former employers. Obtaining a document that reflects positive feedback from your previous employers not only enhances your trustworthiness but also elevates your professional reputation in the eyes of potential employers.
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