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Are you in search of a highly educated Asian Aupair who can help you and your family?

We specialize in helping families figure out what type of Aupair that makes them happy and fulfilled in life. Asian Aupair don't just work for a host family, they will become a real part of the family, building a valuable relationship and bringing Asian culture to their family.

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Our Au-Pairs bring the asian calmness culture
Our Au-Pairs become good friends for your family
Our Au-Pairs strive to leave positive values on the child’s life
Our Au-Pairs have proven childcare experience
General companionship and supervision via playtime, reading, crafting, hobbies and other healthy, age-appropriate developmental activities.
Our Au-Pairs can take care of your pets
Our Aupair can cook Asian dishes
Our Aupair can do cleaning, ironing
Our Au-Pairs are flexible, responsible, active but patient girls

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