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  • At Kiidu, we can help you in finding aupairs who will make your life eaiser so you can balance your life, by getting a great help in solving your everyday tasks, with your children and activities related to your household . Our Aupairs strive to actively challenge, and have a high level of knowledge in all core subjects. Kiidu Aupairs consist of many outstanding individuals who are well versed in all areas of kids and family. Tell us your requirements to help us find the right aupairs for your family.
  • Let us know what you require in your ideal Asian Aupair and we will find the perfect candidates to choosde from. Infrom us of your criteria in terms of living arrangements (live-in or live out), specialist skills desired e.g childcare, household care, pet care) and past experience. Clarifying your specific requirements will help us in our serch to find the perfect Aupair to care for your family.
Our Au-Pairs bring the asian calmness culture
Our Au-Pairs become good friends for your family
Our Au-Pairs strive to leave positive values on the child’s life
Our Au-Pairs have proven childcare experience
General companionship and supervision via playtime, reading, crafting, hobbies and other healthy, age-appropriate developmental activities.
Our Au-Pairs can take care of your pets
Our Aupair can cook Asian dishes
Our Aupair can do cleaning, ironing
Our Au-Pairs are flexible, responsible, active but patient girls
Below are few commonly asked questions that may assist you in your search for your perfect Aupair.
What should a Aupair ’s salary be?
The salary will depend on their tasks, skills, qualifications, experience and other relevant information and each Aupair’s salary depends on their level of ability to add to the family. The more qualifications and skills a Aupair offers, the higher the salary. At Kiidu we offer a range of options
Please bear in mind our Aupairs are flexible, the duties will be vary based on your family's lifestyle and preferences. In order for us to meet your expectations, please inform us if you have any additional special requirements such as caring for children or the elderly, cooking, or looking after pets, etc. The more details we receive from you, the better able we will be to connect you with perfect aupair for your family.
What happens if the arrangement with my maid doesn’t work out?
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the Aupair, we will provide alternative candidates for you to interview and hire.

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