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  • Here at Kiidu, we know finding an honest, reliable and hard-working maid that fits your family’s dynamic is a time consuming and stressful prccess. We understand that each family is unique and requires that special someone who not only has the personality and demeanor to suit your family, but also has the appropriate qualifications, experience and skills.
  • Let us know what you require in your ideal maid and we will find the perfect candidates to choose from. Inform us of your criteria in terms of living arrangements (live-in or live-out), specialist skills desired (e.g. household care), and past experience. Clarifying your specific requirements will help us in our search to find the perfect maid to care for your family.
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Below are few commonly asked questions that may assist you in your search for your perfect maid.
What should a maid’s salary be?

The salary will depend on their tasks, skills, qualifications, experience and other relevant information. Our maid’s salaries start from ฿13,000.

Will my maid help with my children’s homework?

Please bear in mind our maids are typically hired for cleaning and domestic chores only.In order for us to meet your expectations, please inform us if you have any additional special requirements such as caring for children or the elderly, cooking, or looking after pets, etc. The more details we receive from you, the better able we will be to connect you with perfect maid for your family. Alternatively, you may browse our database of nannies, tutors, senior caregivers and pet caregivers.

What happens if the arrangement with my maid doesn’t work out?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the maid within the subscription period, we will provide alternative candidates for you to interview and hire.

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