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  • At Kiidu, we have tutors that can work one-on-one with students. Our tutors strive to actively challenge students, and have a high level of knowledge in all core subjects. Kiidu tutors consist of many outstanding individuals who are well versed in all areas of education. Tell us your requirements to help us find the right tutor for your children.
  • The more information you provide, the more likely you are to find the right tutor. We can connect you with tutors for languages (Thai, English, Chinese, etc.) as well as for science, maths, and other subjects.
Services Included
Assisting with homework
Supporting exam preparation
Language learning
Arranging kid's activities
Kid's development
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How do tutors help students?

Tutors help students with their homework and offer private supplementary lessons outside of the regular school curriculum. Private tuition with a Kiidu Tutor is the choice for parents who want to ensure their children are meeting their educational goals.

Are you in search of a highly educated tutor who can help your kids?

Don’t look much further because Kiidu is the business for you! There is no cost to join Kiidu. Our services are available to everyone. Signing up and creating a profile is quick and easy. Get connected with our qualified personnel today! We are always available for your needs.

Are you looking for fast reliable service?

Locating a tutor that is dependable and consistent can often be difficult. Our easy to use interface allows you to browse our tutors’ profiles and enter search criteria that narrows down your search to fit each student’s specific educational needs. You can search by subjects taught, specialism with different school grades, language skills, and other skills.

What is the cost of our services?

Each tutor’s rate depends on their level of ability to teach the subject matter. The more qualifications and skills a tutor offers, the higher the price. At Kiidu we offer a range of options.

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