10 Reasons to Hire an After School Nanny in Bangkok!


If you are searching for a nanny in Bangkok, you don’t need to be worried about anything when we are here with our services. We know the most difficult thing to do is find a trustworthy nanny providing company because when it comes to your kids; you can’t take a risk by selecting a random nanny.

The most wonderful thing about hiring a nanny from a reputed firm is that the firm takes the responsibility of the individual who is assigned with the responsibility of your kids.

Now here’s a twist in our services when we say we provide you with nanny services, it means we provide you with an after-school nanny service in which we understand that sometimes you need to stay late at work so you don’t have to go to school to pick up your kids.

Our nanny goes to the school, makes sure your child is comfortable in GRAB, which is a popular Asian UBER, and brings him to the house.

Reasons to Hire an After School Nanny in Bangkok

1. We wish to be ahead of our competitors not by fighting with them, but by winning our customers with our good quality services

Wondering why we would wish to be ahead of our competitors? Because we want to be the only one name on your lips when you need a nanny service!

We are proud of our team because we don’t hire people, randomly. For us, all that matters is that your kids are safe and you are happy with our services.

Reasons to Hire an After School Nanny Bangkok

2. Our services can easily be afforded by every individual

We understand how important money is to you; money is important to each one of us and hence we have kept our service charges pretty low and affordable. You don’t need to think twice before hiring our nannies for your requirements.

3. We provide special care to kids with single parents

If you are a single parent, we understand what you are going through. To provide you with good services, we ensure our nannies understand your problem. Even though we treat all the kids equally, we provide more love and care to kids with single parents.

4. We check the background of each and every nanny before hiring her

The riskiest thing about running a nanny company is that we can’t hire anyone without checking her background.

When someone walks in for an interview, we ensure to verify her identity and find ways to learn about her experience in the field. After going through various checking processes, we finally hired her.


5. We have teamed up with one of the safest and popular Asian UBER

GRAB is known for the kind of services it has been providing people with. The moment we teamed up with GRAB and told parents about it, there was a cheer of happiness.

6. We ensure the drivers are good and safe with the kids

This is the only reason why we have teamed up with GRAB; it is known for the kind of drivers it has. When we get your kids back from school, you are relieved knowing they are in good hands and not in a car that driven by a rash driver.

Reasons to Hire an After School Nanny in Bangkok Thailand

7. Your kids are always happy with us

This is something our nannies ensure they find ways to keep kids happy on the way to their homes.

8. You get more time to focus on your work

Just because you are a stay at home parent does not mean you don’t have any work at all; you may be a freelance writer or trainer or professional in a particular field. 

Kiidu and its wonderful nannies can now help you with a few extra minutes to complete your tasks before your kid arrives at home and tells you about all the things he has done at school.

9. Even if you are a stay at home parent, you get time for your household chores

Most of the parents think they don’t need a nanny when one of them is a stay at home parent, but this is untrue. How many times do you get frustrated because of lack of time for your household chores? Our nanny allows you to save time by bringing your kid at home.

Reasons to Hire an After School Nanny Bangkok Thailand

10. Your kids learn to socialize in a better way

Socializing does not mean sitting together and playing; it means adapting to the environment and people belonging to different age groups.

In order to help your child become more social, you must make him interact with a nanny who knows how to help him grow. When one of our nannies brings your kid back from school, she ensures to talk to him and help him get along with her. 

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