5 Apps and Gadgets for Parents

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5 Apps and Gadgets that will make Parenting a Breeze!

Parenting can be very hard sometime, nevertheless it is always rewarding to see your little one grow big and strong. There are different routes to parenting. Some people do it themselves, some hire a nanny to help out, and some get their help from relatives. Whichever route you take, Kiidu would like to suggest these 5 tech gadgets and apps can help make the task of parenting less intimidating and more intuitive.


1. The Willow Pump

For all the new mom out there who requires a pump, this tech will completely innovate the process and improve your experience. Instead of being stuck on the couch for long period at a time while pumping, you can now move around freely and do it almost anywhere. Willow Pump is an all-in-one design breast pump that fits in your bra and is connected to you mobile app so you can keep track of various stats. The product has yet to be released but you can check it out here.


The first few months of a babya��s life can have a huge impact on parenta��s routine. Especially when it comes to their sleep. SNOO is a crib that will play soothing sound and rock your baby to sleep for you during the night when it senses movements. This tech doesn’t come cheap though but based on the raving reviews, it is worth the splurge. Check them out here.


As your child grows and start to scribble and draw, their creativity starts to develop. Parents everywhere likes to preserve these drawings but it is sometime difficult. Artkive is an app that helps you preserve them. Take a photo of your childa��s drawing and categorize the by child. Plus you could even make an art book out of the collection! Never lose of your toddlera��s precious drawings again!

4. Peanut

This is an app for mom. Stay-at-home moms can feel like a hermit sometime. This app helps moms find other moms in the same area and socialize or set up a play date. Check it out here.

5. Headspace

Ok, this app is not particularly for parents, but it helps parents calm down and relax. Headspace teaches meditation techniques and gives you a head start on relaxation, stress reduction, and more focus.

Even though it is true that technology can help us make parenting easier, it does not excuse us from neglecting our duty as a parent. It can only complement or supplement our parenting role. The most important thing in your childa��s life is YOU. Spend as much time with your child as possible and they will grow up to be beautiful people.

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