5 Biggest Baby Safety Mistakes You Should Know

Baby Safety Mistakes

Baby safety is one of the most important topics for parents after giving birth. That not only counts for first-time mothers, but also for those who become a mother of their second or maybe a third child.

Even though you might feel home in the subject, there is the chance of becoming overconfident. And overconfidence is leading to recklessness.

Top 5 Baby Safety Mistakes You should Know

This article is not to lecture you about the don’t of handling your baby. It rather shall be some kind of wakening call to remind you of the potential risks during your most familiar tasks.

Going Down the Slide together

Children love to spend time with you on the playground. There are many activities that they enjoy like going down the slide, swings or seesaws.

Many parents use the opportunity to share the moment with their loved ones, which is great in the first place. Using the offered facilities together can be great fun. But please be careful.

Activities such as going down the slide together can harbor unsuspected dangers. The child’s foot could catch on the slide, and then because of the parent’s weight is coming down on it, the leg could twist and break.

This is only one example of how parents might unintentionally harm their children. Watch out and be aware of the potential risks when you decide to play and fool around with your child.

Sleeping in the Car

Each time your baby falls asleep, waking it up again is the last thing you want. This also applies, when sleeping in the swing, stroller or in the car seat.

And this is fine as long as the seat is secured properly. Sleeping while sitting down can lead to serious injuries or death.

An unfavorable positioning can make the infanta’s head fall forward. This can cause it to not get enough air or being strangled by straps.

If you have the opportunity to relocate your child into the crib, you should do it. The crib guarantees a good positioning and a save location free from straps and belts.

Locking the Brakes of your Stroller

Being on the move with your baby in the stroller is an almost daily occurrence. And of course, we are not able to prevent each risk at that. But keeping in mind what could happen, can increase our awareness to take precautions.

Locking the brakes when you have to take your hands off the stroller is a good thing. But what if the older sibling pushes the buggy for instance?

Are you sure the locking system would withstand the strain? Avoid risks by making frequent tests. You should be sure that you could rely on your equipment.

Snacks and Drinks on the move

Giving your children a small snack or drink during long car rides can occupy them and decreases crying. There is basically nothing against that.

But parents, please keep in mind that sometimes you are not able to see your child sitting on the backseat. You would not realize that something is wrong. And also you would most probably not hear anything, too.

Choking typically has no sound. Snacks and plastic straws – especially during car movement are high potential risk factors for suffocation.

And even if you notice choking, the whole incident would lead you to dangerously manoeuver the car through traffic to help your child.

It seems needless to say that you can avoid this easily. You should either plan your trip in a way that your child is able to enjoy the drive or sit next to it when giving snacks or drinks.

Contact with Animals

It is obvious that animals sometimes react unpredictably. At that, it is not only dogs that have the potential to harm your child – it is all animals. But keeping your loved ones out of their reach is no solution.

The contact with animals is an essential part of raising a child. So instead, you should teach your child to interact with animals properly.

Sometimes it can also be important for the kid to ask the owner of an animal first. Make your children aware of the threat but try not to frighten them. This also reduces the risks in case you are not present.

Of course, we are not able to prevent our children from anything that is or could become dangerous to them.

But we at Kiidu believe that reading and thinking about what could happen may raise our awareness and therefore reduces these risks.

We think that it is our responsibility as your nanny provider, to sensitize not only parents but also our nanny in Bangkok and its environs.

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