Buying a Baby Car Seat

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With so many baby car seats on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by it. What do I look for in a baby car seats? Which model should I use? When do I change the baby car seats? How do I know the baby car seat is safe for my baby? With so many questions in our head. Kiidu would like to help you decide which baby car seat model to use.

On your baby-wish list, the baby car seat is the one thing that should be on top of that list. You will need one the moment you get your baby home from the hospital until it grows big enough to fit the adult seat belts. This is for safety reasons as the child neck is very weak and will need to be supported most of the time.

Safety features to look for in a Baby Car Seat?

Safety should always you priority when buying a baby car seat. So here are some of the features you should look for in a car seat;

  1. 5-point harness: Two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and one strap between the legs to keep the baby secure in place.
  2. Side-impact protection or Head hugger: A removable cushion that supports your newborn baby’s head and neck.
  3. Adjustable straps: To keep up with your child’s growth and to adjust the tightness of the harness
  4. Chest and buckle pads: Harness padding to make the seat more comfortable, and to prevent it from cutting into your baby’s skin.

Make sure that your baby head is protected and the seat is secured


Type of Baby Car Seat

Car Seat is usually categorized by the baby’s weight and not its age.
But how do you choose the right car-seat model for your baby and wallet? Buying the most expensive baby car seat doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best car seat. Many mid-priced models work as well as the pricier ones. Also depending on your car some baby car seat might just not work. Thus, we recommend planning ahead. Figure out the right seat for your child, car, and know when you’ll need to move your child to the next car seat.

Altogether there are four types of baby car seats; Infant, Convertible, Booster and All-in-One seat. The All-in-One seat like the name suggest is the combination of the Infant, Convertible, Booster seat. Overall they are great but being able to do everything mean that they are not the best at any of them, a ‘jack of all trades’.  Infant, Convertible, and Booster seat serves a different purpose and here is more detail about them.


Infant Car Seat

The first seat for most new parents and child. It can only be installed rear-facing in the back seat. NEVER put the baby car seat in the front seat as Air Bags pose a risk. This model can usually be sap in and out of the base allowing for easy transfer of your baby. The drawback is that your child wouldn’t stay an infant forever when they will get too heavy or tall it’s time for a new ride.


Convertible Seat

The next seat after an infant seat is the convertible seat. It can be installed rear- or forward-facing depending on the child weight. The reasons people don’t use this seat for an infant is because they are less secure for the newborn and don’t have the convenience of a detachable carrier. On the other hand, they have a wider weight limit and allow the child to sit rear-facing longer, which is the safest option. When the child is over the weight limit for the rear-facing seat, turned around and use the forward-facing (higher weight limit) until they need a booster seat.


Booster Seat

The last seat you will need for your child is the booster seat, it boosts the seat to allow the child to uses the car’s own seat belt so that they fits correctly. They come in two main styles, high-back and backless. The backless versions are easy to install but the high-back provides more protection and is more comfortable for the child.


All-in-One Car Seats

This seat takes the child from birth to booster seat. They are a money-saver, but they are not perfect at every task. All-in-one car seats are large and heavy. They are not as convenient as the infant seat and might not fit a smaller baby.

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