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Why hiring the help of a nanny or maid can help a mother career-wise?

Well, As a young woman in the workforce we all understand a thing or two about unconscious bias. And as somebody who will be expected to settle down to the rear and raise children, we know the pressure of having to pick between the two big C: Career vs Children.

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But simple biology must not limit a womans ability to fulfill her professional dreams. Yes, as a society women are seen as the primary caregivers, but as a society, we are slowly changing the norm. There are more women in the private and social sectors breaking the glass ceiling everyday.

There is more proof than ever that women contribute to the global economy and they are needed.

Since most males are raised with little to no knowledge of running a home and looking after children, women are pushed into the role. So they are then essentially working two jobs, the office, and the home.

In a family where both parents are working the same hours more often than not a woman must come home to tend to the household chores. She may have punched out at work but her day has not ended. In fact, the next job has just begun.

Hiring the help of a nanny or maid to manage the household chores including the children seems ideal in these cases.

If you can hire help then not only can you manage to decrease your mental stress and physical work but you also manage to proceed in excelling professionally. This helps in sharing the workload and finances between partners and enables the woman to be a parent and professional.

The bonus to this arrangement is that you’ve provided employment to other women who can also contribute to her family’s income.

A study by Sylvia Ann Hewlett of Centre for Talent Innovation on the impact of interruptions and aspirations on woman’s careers showed that 36% of woman in Asia take a break from work similar to their German and American counterparts.

Although there is the common belief that women who take a break from work usually do not wish to come back, this is not true. The study with a top women’s magazine in Bangkok showed that 91% of women wish to return back but only 58% are able to fully re-join.

This shows that the dreams and motivation even after maternity are still strong. If properly tended to and encouraged, women will return to work.

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The time to blossom is now. It is tempting say you will wait it out till the kids get older and then return. But the market and economy are ever changing. What was relevant when you were in the workforce may no longer exist when you decide to rejoin.

We cannot guarantee the future but we can focus on the now. It is time to let go of archaic beliefs and make the dreams you had as a child come true.

You will definitely inspire dreams and aspirations in your own home. The younger generation you are nurturing is always watching and observing. There is nothing better for them than living with their role model.

Be brave.

Be that role model.





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By Bianca Erica D’Costa

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