Finding Nanny in Pattaya Isn’t Difficult Anymore

Nanny in Pattaya
Finding Nanny in Pattaya

Those parents in Pattaya who need professional help for taking care of their children full-time or occasionally can unwind because finding a professional nanny in Pattaya isn’t difficult as many would think.

Being a full-time parent is hard and raising children isn’t an easy job. Children aren’t dolls that would sit still on the shelf with a smile on their faces.

They need to be fed, taken care of, and loved. Also, they are very energetic and love to explore everything around them. This love for adventure is part of child development which could cause parents exhaustion.

And it’s not the 1950s when women stayed at home putting all their energy on looking presentable while cooking, cleaning, and racing children. We are living in the 21st Century when the definition of the word ‘family’ is diverse.

There are several nuclear-family mums and single parents who have many obligations and doing it all at once is impossible. Everyone needs a time-out.

And just like an African proverb, “It needs a village to raise a child.” Well, raising a child doesn’t literally need the whole village to do the job but getting some help wouldn’t hurt.

Pattaya is one of the most active cities in Thailand full of tourists and ex-pats. Many parents who live here are as diverted as other big cities and they would like to find a quality nanny in Pattaya to take the workloads.

Not only the local people of Pattaya, but tourists can also enjoy their holiday there without being too occupied with their children.

Kiidu is a very successful nanny service in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Many families employ their nanny through Kiidu. Now Kiidu expands to Pattaya to assist parents who live in Pattaya.

The service that Kiidu provides is a full-time nanny, a part-time nanny, a babysitter, and a backup nanny or nanny on demand.

Why Choose Kiidu?

1.Kiidu provides safety to clients. 

Every nanny who is sorted by Kiidu has a background check before being sent to a client either it’s the reference check and criminal record just to make sure that they don’t have histories of being violent towards children etc.

Kiidu also provides video profiles of the nannies for the clients to monetize and can set an interview to see if they are fit for the job. 

2. It’s easy to book a nanny from Kiidu.

Online booking is available either through the website or mobile applications such as LINE and WhatsApp. But if some of the clients prefer the old-school booking alternative, they can book a nanny through the phone. 

3.Nannies can communicate in multi-language.

English isn’t the first language in Thailand. It is hard to find a nanny on demand who speaks English. Kiidu understands that the language barrier is a nuisance, especially for clients who are ex-pats.

Kiidu will help connect a client with an English speaking nanny and a client looks for a nanny who can speak other languages such as Russian, Kiidu will try its best to find one.

Is it safe to Employ a Nanny in Pattaya During the COVID-19 outbreak?

Since the COVID-19 first broke out in late 2019, Thailand faced the first lockdown for 31 days from 22 March to 30 April 2020 which was followed by a curfew that ended on 15 June 2020.

People of Thailand and ex-pats were introduced with “New Normal” that people should wear masks when going outside their residences and bottles of alcohol hand gel are visible in every corner of the country. 

Although Pattaya isn’t flooded with tourists like it once was, however, the whole country is facing the second COVID-19 outbreak and many are concerned about their safety.

Kiidu can assure that all of the nannies in our network are trained and informed about the safety measures to prevent themselves from getting and transmitting COVID-19 to others, however, we would recommend that if a client is hiring a new nanny in Pattaya wearing a mask inside the client’s household should be required.

We recognized that wearing a mask could make it harder for small children to bond with their nannies but according to the situation that the number of the people who are  COVID-19 positive in Thailand is growing dramatically, we would say, ‘It’s better safe than sorry.’

How much does a Nanny in Pattaya Cost?

Well, the salary of Kiidu’s nanny depends on their qualifications, experience, and other equivalent information.
For further information on nanny in Pattaya, please contact Kiidu.

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