Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Senior Caregiver in Bangkok

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It is not uncommon for elderly relatives to require physical and emotional help as they get older. One way to ensure that our loved ones get the support they deserve is to hire a senior caregiver to assist as required. While this can be quite costly in the West, it’s possible to find part-time and full-time senior caregivers in Bangkok at a reasonable price, making the city a popular choice for retirees from all over the world. Of course, choosing the right person to care for your elderly relative is of paramount importance, so in this guide we note some of the key things to consider when hiring a senior caregiver in Bangkok. 

Experience and Qualifications 

As in any job, experience and qualifications are key. Even if the senior caregiver is carrying out relatively simple tasks such as shopping or helping out around the house, it’s still important to know that they have the experience and know-how to deal with any situation. Of course, some medical background is desirable in case of a mishap at home, and knowing that the senior caregiver has previous experience in the field will help to reassure you that they will be able to manage any scenario with a cool-head.  

Language and Communication Skills 

Since the senior caregiver will spend a lot of time with your elderly relative, it’s vital that they share a common language and communicate well. In this respect, communication is key. A caregiver must be able to understand your loved one and also be able to make themselves understood. Let any potential caregiver meet your elderly relative a few times and observe how they communicate. Remember that simply understanding each other is far more important than perfect grammar and diction in this case. 

People Skills 

We’re all familiar with the term ‘patience is a virtue’. This is particularly true with senior caregivers as they will spend a lot of time working closely with their clients. Interview candidates carefully to see how they conduct themselves. Look for a senior caregiver who is not only jai dee (kind-hearted) but who also appears to be patient and empathetic.   

Additional Skills 

Everyone will have different needs in minds when it comes to their senior caregiver. If your relative suffers from joint pain, for example, it may be worth looking for a senior caregiver who knows some massage, a common enough skill here in Bangkok. It’s worth bearing in mind what other skills a caregiver may be able to provide too, such as knowledge of traditional medicine or even meditation which can be beneficial for those with emotional needs. 


Most people tend to like to see the same senior caregiver, so look for someone who has the time to dedicate to looking after your loved one. Choosing someone who lives relatively locally is often a good choice as they will be close at hand to help when needed and will not be affected by the city’s traffic gridlock. 

Ultimately, these are just a few of the considerations to keep in mind when making the important decision of hiring a senior caregiver in Bangkok. Thankfully some help is available with agencies like Kiidu proving popular with locals and expats alike. 

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