Common Kids Injuries and How to Deal with Them

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When babies are growing up they want to discover their environment. They want to touch, to feel, or eat everything they see. In their journey of exploration, they might have little injuries. Here are some first aid tips for common kids injuries. 


Severe Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions can be triggered by food, medication, insect stings, pollen or other substances. If your baby seems to have an allergic reaction, keep calm, and immediately call 191. Lay them down with their feet elevated, try to keep them calm by talking to them. Don’t give your baby an antihistamine if they are younger than 6 months. Even if they are older, don’t give them antihistamine if they are having trouble breathing or swallowing, because they may choke on it. Wait for the paramedics to arrive.

Noose Bleed

Nosebleeds are common in kids 3 to 10 years old, they are mostly caused by nose-picking or dry air. Most will stop on their own and can be easily managed at home. But if it doesn’t stop on its own, pinch your child’s nose right where the soft part meets the bone and have them lean forward for 5 minutes. If it doesn’t stop squeeze for another 10 or 15 minutes.

Eye Injury

Your child will probably be in a lot of pain and will rub or press on their eye(s), which might be red or tearing heavily. First, wash your hands before touching their eyelids, do not touch press or rub the eye. Encourage your child to open their eyes as wide as possible and gently pour a steady stream of lukewarm water from a pitcher or faucet over the eye. Check the eye every 5 minutes to see if the foreign body has been flushed out.


Encourage the child to cough it up. If the object doesn’t come out that way, stand behind her and reach around their waist; place your fist above their belly button, and grab your fist with your other hand. Pull in and up quickly. Repeat this process a few times. If your child can’t speak or passes out, call 191.

Head Injury

If they hit their head at a sports event, they must stop playing at once to avoid a second injury. Also, call 191 if they pass out after a fall and has any trouble waking up. Go to an emergency room if they have a severe headache or if they are confused, much sleepier than usual, stumbling, persistently vomiting, or doing anything else that’s worrisome. Otherwise, you should still call your doctor for advice right away.

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