Kiidu Provides Cleaning Service for Those who need Help

Kiidu Provides Cleaning Service for Those who need Help

The trash isn’t out, the shelves in your house are covered in dust and the bathroom is dirty but you don’t have the energy left to clean it all up.

You’re too exhausted from work and need to rest and need to crash on the couch but sometimes, it seems that cleaning service is the solution to your problem because if you do nothing about it the pile of trash will grow higher and your house will reek of rotten odor, the dust on the shelves will become thicker and the bathroom will be messier. 

Leaving your house dirty could cause you so many health problems, for instance, asthma, allergies, stomach upsets, and sickness.

Not to mention that pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and ants will be attracted to your dirty home, recede, and become your roommates without your consent. 

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find an honest, reliable, and hardworking maid who comes along with the qualifications, experience, and skills you also expect. And this dilemma that many of you may be facing is understood.

Luckily, Kiidu doesn’t provide you with nanny service only but also maid service to help you deal with those boring shores whether it’s cooking, cleaning, laundry or gardening. You can employ them full-time or part-time, that is on your terms.

Join Kiidu for free and send a request for cleaning service through Kiidu’s official website or applications on your smartphone such as LINE and WhatsApp.

List all of your demands such as live-in or live-out, what are the special cares in your household, or need experience in taking care of a house of a small or large family, because with those details, they would help us sort the perfect candidates in your area to choose from.

Kiidu can assure you that all of the candidates have their background checked to make sure that they don’t have any criminal record or have a history of being violent because the safety of your property is important and Kiidu always bears in mind that the safety of your possessions and yourself, and your trust are our priority. We wish to give you the cleaning service that you deserve.

Kiidu doesn’t provide maid service only for Bangkokians but we deliver the maid service in Pattaya as well. We can assure you that our maid service Pattaya will sort the cleaning service candidates with the same standards.

The salary of Kiidu’s maid is different depending on qualifications, experience, and specialty but the rate starts at a reasonable price of 13,000THB.

If there is a circumstance that you aren’t pleased with the maid that you are paired with within the subscription period, we will provide alternative candidates for you to interview and hire.

For those families with children, please bear in mind that our maids cannot help your children with their homework because the maids from our cleaning service are specialized in making your household spotless.

If you prefer to have some to help you with that matter, we recommend that you should try our nanny service or tutor service instead. 

As we mentioned earlier, if you have any specific requirements such as someone to take care of your elderly family member or your beloved pets etc., please don’t hesitate to inform us so we could find the perfect person who suits your expectations or recommend you with suitable alternatives.

Connecting clients with the perfect service is Kiidu’s priority and we understand that every household is unique and has different needs.
If you require further information or have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are more than welcome to help and find the right solution that gives you satisfaction.

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