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Nannies for Special needs Children
Nannies for special needs children

Families who have special needs children often face more difficult challenges compared to other families. These children require extra levels of care and assistance for their day-to-day living, which some busy households aren’t able to provide. And this is where exceptionally trained and experienced special needs nannies can help. 

Understanding Special Needs Child

“Special needs” is a general term for a wide array of diagnoses including conditions that quickly resolve and conditions that can affect a child for life.

Children with special needs typically may have developmental delays, psychiatric conditions, congenital conditions, medical conditions or a combination of any of these conditions. Depending on the severity of the condition, children with special needs may require special attention such as round-the-clock supervision. 

Special Needs Child Care

Special needs children can have varying dietary requirements, communication abilities, or behavioral differences, depending on their condition.

While every special needs child is different, there are some common factors that link parents together and this includes getting appropriate care. For many busy households, getting a special needs nanny may be the best option to ensure that the child is well-cared for. 

What it Takes to be a Nanny for Special Needs Children

A nanny for children with special needs is generally more skilled and experienced in providing child care for differently-abled kids. These nannies provide the best care possible to help these children develop their confidence and become more independent, learn new skills, and learn to interact with family members and other people.

If needed, a special needs nanny also intervenes when the child displays aggressive behavior. With so many responsibilities on their shoulders, it’s important to hire a nanny who possesses certain skills, knowledge and training in the following areas:

First Aid

Kids are generally prone to accidents and special needs children are no different. Some conditions can even make a special-needs child more prone to accidents and that is why it’s important to hire a nanny who knows how to react to emergency situations and perform the necessary first aid procedures. 

Diet Plans

If your special needs child has specific nutritional needs, it’s important to consider hiring a nanny who knows how to prepare meals consistent to your child’s dietary needs. This is specially true if your family doctor prescribed a diet plan for your child. A nanny can be your partner in making sure your child gets to eat or avoid food as necessary.

Child Development

A nanny who has knowledge and understanding of child development can provide the appropriate emotional and physical support to your kid.

However, it’s important to note that if your child has a learning problem that makes it difficult for him or her to learn than most children of the same age, you may have to consult with a specialist or a professional teacher for advice and not just rely on the nanny to teach your child.

Training for Specific Conditions

Depending on the condition of your child, you may need a nanny who has a professional training in taking care of children with similar conditions.

For example, if your child has autism or ADHD, it’s a bonus if you can hire a nanny who have a background training in child care services for these conditions. It can be challenging to find a nanny who has special needs trainings specific to your child’s condition; but if you find one, it’s a big advantage.

Apart from the above, certain qualities make a nanny for special needs children stand out. 


An ideal nanny for special needs is someone who doesn’t just work to complete her basic duties but is compassionate to a child. Generally, special needs children are vulnerable in navigating relationships but compassionate nannies can develop a stronger bond with the child under their charge. This in turn allows them to effectively support the child in every situation.


Special needs children can sometimes test the patience of their nanny with their high energy and sometimes, demanding attitude, pushing the limits of anyone around them. A patient nanny can easily handle these situations. 


Many special needs children are under the care of their family doctor or therapists and it’s important for a nanny to be able to clearly communicate and collaborate with these professionals on a regular basis. A special needs nanny should be able to take note of and relay vital information and feedback to other professionals and to the parents. 

Finding a Special Needs Nanny

A special needs child is just like any child who deserves an unconditional and loving support system that comes from the family and the childcare provider. If you are considering hiring a nanny, it’s important to find someone who possesses the skills, training and qualities we mentioned above. 

find nannies for special needs children

Because of the high standards of qualifications that a special needs nanny should possess, it can be challenging to find the right candidate for the job. You could get referrals from people you know, or do your own search which could be time-consuming and costly.

At Kiidu, we can save you the hassle associated with DIY hiring. We can help you easily choose the candidates that you think best match your needs using our search filters. Many of our nannies have various qualifications in childcare services for special needs children.

We have nannies who have first aid training, which is a big plus. Furthermore, our nannies have years of experience in childcare services and they can handle difficult situations.

If you choose Kiidu, we already handle doing background checks on the candidates and we also take care of the paperwork. We understand that you need to focus on giving your child the love and attention they need. And at Kiidu, we are here to help and support you.

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