Parents Work from Home Nanny

Parents Work from Home Nanny
Parents Work from Home Nanny

Are you working from home and need a nanny to help you take care of kids? You are not alone in this.

In Thailand and other countries around the world, there’s an increasing number of work-at-home parents who are looking for a nanny who can help them take care of kids. If you are one of them, we will help you find the best nanny for your situation.

Working from Home

Does Working from Home with a Nanny Work?

Yes, working from home with a nanny can work as long as both you and the nanny understand your limitations and expectations.

There are many tips that can help you have a good working relationship with the caregiver of your children while you stay at home. But the ultimate key to making this arrangement work has to do with respect and open communication.

Consider your nanny as another member of your family. If you can have a smooth relationship with the caregiver of your kids, you will enjoy a harmonious and peaceful household. In the end, your family will reap the benefits.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Nanny

When you Work From Home

nanny parents work from home

Working and taking care of kids at the same time can take too much physical and emotional toll for any parent. This is where a nanny or caregiver for children can help.

If you are a parent who works from home either on a part-time or full-time work arrangement, it can be challenging to focus on your job knowing that your kids also need you.

You can almost always expect your children popping in while you are in the middle of a meeting or while rushing to submit an output before the deadline.

But you can reduce or prevent this kind of situation with the help of a nanny. Work-from-home parents can enjoy these benefits when hiring a nanny:

1. Dedicate uninterrupted hours to work

Younger children can be very demanding of attention. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It feels good to play with your children in between work. However, it can turn into a serious problem when you are beating a deadline or you need to be on an online call.

One of the many struggles of work-at-home parents with no nanny has to do with having divided attention between work and children.

This often results in not finishing their work on time. And even if they finish, sometimes the quality of output is compromised.

By having a nanny to handle various childcare needs during your work hours, you can focus all your attention on your work. This in turn oftentimes results in better output which is great for your career.

Moreover, if you are able to spend uninterrupted working hours, you can finish your work on time so that at the end of the day, you can also spend more quality time with your kids.

2. Lesser physical and emotional stress

Part-time and full-time work-at-home parents fully understand the physical and emotional stress of having to balance work and childcare.

Stress also affects your relationship with other people around you especially your kids. Not only that, but it may also affect your attitude toward work.

With the help of a nanny who can provide quality childcare for your child, you can avoid being in a stressful situation. Less stress could result in more energy and a positive attitude towards your child and work.

3. Keep an eye on the quality of childcare

Any work-at-home parent wishes to give their kids quality childcare. And of course, any nanny would claim that they offer nothing but the best childcare services. The best way to find out if your children are indeed receiving quality childcare is to see it first hand.

If you work at home, you can see how your nanny and children interact with one another. You can see them in both good and bad situations.

You will know for sure if your caregiver can indeed cook meals, bathe, feed and handle the different needs of your children. Not only that, but you can also observe if your children trust your nanny and are having fun with her.

Seeing your kids receiving quality childcare, can give you peace of mind as a parent. You know that your children are in good hands even if you are at work and cannot attend to their needs.

4. Attend meetings or run errands without a kid

Getting inside your office door or going out to run errands without having to tackle your children is only possible if someone could watch and take care of them at home.

Errands and grocery shopping can take more time if there are kids tagging along with you. With a nanny to look after your kids while you are not home, you can be more efficient in running errands and doing grocery shopping. Not only that, you may even have spare time to meet up with friends.

Moreover, online meetings with your boss will not be that difficult anymore. You can totally give your 100% attention to the meeting without kids popping in to ask for something.

5. Develop a closer relationship with your nanny

Nannies are also members of our family. However, you cannot develop that close relationship with them if you only see each other in the morning before you go to work and in the evening when you return home.

Stay-at-home parents have more opportunities to interact with the nanny. Constant interaction can help build trust and a closer relationship between you.

The more you communicate and get to know each other, the more it will strengthen your bond as a partner in taking care of the children.

6. Save on childcare

Yes, it’s true. In the long run, work-from-home parents could save on childcare by hiring a nanny.

If you are a work-from-home parent, regardless if you have a full-time or part-time job, you really need someone to assist you in looking after your children. This is especially true if all the other family members are also working or in school.

The cost of sending kids to a childcare facility or daycare center more often far exceeds the cost of a nanny’s salary.

Not only that, but the cost difference also gives you more flexibility to hire a full-time or part-time nanny depending on your needs. With this type of arrangement, you can significantly reduce your childcare costs.

Now that we have identified the benefits of hiring nannies for work-at-home parents, the next step is to hire a part-time or full-time nanny and establish a good relationship. We listed some tips that can help:

7 Tips to Have a Good Nanny Relationship

..When You Work From Home

Tips to Hire a Nanny

1. Establish clear guidelines, rules and authority

Having a new nanny or child care provider can be a bit difficult for the children. Even more so if the nanny is not used to this kind of arrangement.

To make this setup work, it’s important to first establish clear guidelines, rules and authority, and to discuss this with the nanny.

There should be a delineation of roles and authority to help everyone in the family better navigate the daily activities. Doing so will also reduce any tension or confusion that may come up between the parents and the nanny.

When establishing guidelines and authority, you should be able to cover the following:

  • Expected working hours of the nanny
  • Do you mind if your children will seek you out at a specific time?
  • What are your break arrangements?
  • Do you need your children to be somewhere during office hours?
  • At what point can the nanny notify you or involve you in the situation?
  • Are there specific times of the day when you don’t want to get disturbed?

Moreover, as part of establishing authority, it’s also a good idea to set clear boundaries especially when it comes to parenting and disciplining the children. You can also suggest the best way to discipline your children when you are not around.

2. Develop a routine

Having a routine or daily schedule can also help parents, children and nannies easily adjust to the at-home-parent arrangement.

Many parents have already established a daily routine for their kids which may include school time, time for fun and play, family time, and free time among others. With the addition of a new nanny, you can tweak some of these routines to make it work for the nanny and your family.

When developing a routine, consider incorporating time for naps, lunch or meals, play, study and other activities. Make sure to also establish parent time especially if you are always on a closed-door during office hours.

Consistency is key when it comes to developing an effective daily routine. If you want to spend time with your children throughout the day, make the schedule more consistent to help your children recognize when it’s parent time. This will also help the nanny plan ahead of time to work around the daily routine.

3. Emphasize the importance of open communication

Just like with any relationship that involves employers and employees, it’s important that both parties are able to openly communicate. Doing so will help resolve potential confusion and put everyone in the family including the nanny on the same page.

As parents, it’s recommended that you encourage your nanny to speak up without fear of getting negative feedback or punishment. Let your nanny or nannies feel that their opinion matters.

Open and honest communication can help you and your nanny easily develop mutual understanding, trust and respect despite your differences in views and ideas.

It may take time before nannies will feel comfortable in sharing their opinion or feedback with you. Just be patient. And when they do, thank them for it.

4. Respect each other’s space

Depending on the layout of your home, discuss with your nanny the designated areas and spaces for specific activities.

For example, you can designate an office area that is off-limits to kids during office hours unless it’s break time. You can also assign a place where your kids and nanny can do their activities.

When it comes to designating spaces, it’s more than just creating separate areas for you and the kids during specific times of the day. More importantly, these spaces work as boundaries that both parties must respect.

For example, in the children’s area, you should give your nanny some space and freedom to work with your children.

On the other hand, your nanny should also respect your office area and try as much as possible to refrain your children from disturbing you.

5. Remember the learning curve

Just like with any job, it’s normal to have a learning curve. It may take some time before your nannies can feel at ease with your routine and other work arrangements. The important thing is you are seeing some improvement over time.

Moreover, it’s not only the nannies who have the learning curve. Parents and families too have their learning curve.

When a parent works from home for the first time, it may feel awkward to leave your kids to the nanny. Fortunately, that learning curve evens out as you consistently do your routine and schedule.

It’s important that during the learning curve, you should be more patient with your nanny. Give more room for mistakes and trial and error.

Remember that you can overcome the learning curve by working and supporting each other toward a common goal of taking care of your child.

6. Resist the urge to step in

For parents, it can be tempting to step in and rescue your son or daughter when your nanny is trying to impose rules. And this is especially true if your child will call your attention.

Whether your nanny tries to feed your kid healthy food or get him down for a nap and your child is being stubborn, just trust the nanny to do her job. Don’t be easy to take over as your child may get used to it.

By letting your nanny do her job, you are helping her develop that confidence to work through good times and bad times with your child.

Of course, this is easier if you and your nanny have similar parenting philosophies. Or even if you have different philosophies, as long as you know that the nanny is able to discipline your child with kindness, respect and empathy, you should feel confident of her capabilities.

7. Back each other up

When there are two authority figures, it’s normal for children to expect one person to be the leader. And children are notorious for opinion shopping.

If they get a ‘no’ from you, they will tend to ask another adult or the nanny the same question in the hope of getting a different answer.

Parents and nannies should back each other up when it comes to implementing rules and decisions concerning the children. If you always undermine your nanny, your children will lose their respect for her and she will not be able to do her job well.

Finding the Right Nanny

..For Stay at Home Parents

For parents who are looking for nannies who can work alongside stay-at-home parents, finding the right nanny may be a bit challenging. However, providers like Kiidu can make the hiring process easier for you.

When you visit the Kiidu website, you can simply filter nannies based on their skills, years of experience and abilities that can add value to their jobs.

If you partner with a reliable provider or platform, hiring a nanny who can assist you in taking care of your child while you work at home will be easier and more seamless.


In the past, there is a stigma with parents especially for moms who work from home while hiring a child care provider. Nowadays, this work arrangement is becoming more and more acceptable and even popular in many countries.

Think of nannies as your reliable support when it comes to parenting and providing the daily needs of your children. Reliable nannies can be your lifesaver during busy days. Let Kiidu help you find the perfect nanny!

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