Press Release – May 2017

Kiidu is a young company from Bangkok that was founded in 2015. Its core business is providing an online platform to families, on one side, and to nannies and maids on the other side.

Once registered on the platform, customers can search for the most suitable helper themselves or make use of the international, multilingual customer service staff to find proper candidates.

Moreover, Kiidu conducts basic nanny and maid interviews and background checks before verifying a profile for the website. This ensures customers get the most reliable helper from the platform.

With this business model, Kiidu was able to accomplish several milestones since it was founded. The total number of registered users on the Kiidu website as of May 2017 amounts to roughly 3000 970 of them are parents and 1980 are nannies or maids. That makes a 1:2 ratio. Each parent has at least two potential helpers in the database.

In 2016 Kiidu was able to acquire 400 new customers. These include Thai, expat, and tourist families. Based on historical data, the aim is to increase the customer base by 200%.

This would mean a total of 1200 new customers by the end of 2017. Kiidu is confident in achieving this number, considering the positive trend of this year first quarter.

In terms of nannies and maids, Kiidu observed a total of 1100 new profiles in 2016. Up until May 2017 Kiidu is nearing 500 new verified sign ups.

Hence, Kiidu has set its sight on in achieving a total of 2000 new and verified helpers by the end of 2017. This would be a 80% year-on-year increase.

Through the achievement of recent goals, new standards can be set frequently. Kiidu success so far is the result of various interacting factors. At that, marketing plays one of the most important roles.

Through targeted online marketing on social media, the Kiidu blog, or PPC campaigns on Google, for example, Kiidu is able to build a community based on reliability and trust.

Close cooperation with remote IT partners lead to frequent improvements of the website and the overall user experience.

A great indicator in this context is the website traffic. In April 2017 there were more than 2,200 users coming to the Kiidu platform including organic and paid visitors. Relating to March, the trend is clearly positive.

Also further increases during the first weeks of May could be achieved. This indicates a new peak in traffic by the end of this month, which at the same time reconfirms the team efforts.

In terms of offline marketing Kiidu operates equally ambitious. Not only is Kiidu a member of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce, it also participates at fairs, and sponsors school events frequently.

Apart from that, valuable collaborations with wedding planners, international schools, and hotels benefit Kiidu visibility additionally. Current measures also aim to approach more smaller condos and hotels that need nanny or maid services.

Within next steps, nanny courses will be introduced. This is to better the nannies chances to get a good job, and to set a common standard of the Kiidu services. Interview behaviour, how to work with babies, and emergency procedures are some of the planned topics.

Another big step for Kiidu is finding an investor. Kiidu is in a stage that shows that the business model is working out successfully.

The company figures prove sustainable organic growth, leading to the achievement of one milestone after another.

However, to reach the next stage of company growth it is essential to find external money sources. In this context, Kiidu frequently attends to pitching competitions with the aim to acquire new valuable contacts. Quite recently, Kiidu was first runner-up at the Global Venture Summit 2017 in Bali.

Kiidu responsible representatives are happy with the latest developments. The company is healthily growing on both levels, organic and paid.

The management is extremely confident that current steps will soon bear fruits, leading to further enlargements of the Kiidu business. However, it is Kiidu top priority to raise active capital and secure the company operations in the long term.

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