Raise your children the Right way in your Sly way!

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It is very different nowadays. Yes, it is true. Children in these tech ages are learning things very quickly and are knowing more than us on many topics. In this day and age, it has become extremely difficult to trick children into doing many things like eating their veggies properly or not eating chocolates all the time. How do we learn to say ‘No’ or make them listen to us obediently. There is always a way to everything. I want to include here some tips which can help you a lot in your day to day life.

1. Involvement is the Key

We know how much our children detest eating veggies and we also know how much important it is to include them in our daily diet. While making your dinner, try to make it a little bit more enjoyable for your children by including them in the process. Let them cut a few pieces of your carrots here and tomatoes there. Let them mix the veggies and give the final stir. Sometimes it can get a little messy but it is all worth it if they eat all of it right?!! When it comes to eating tell them how much tasty the veggies they made were. Let them feel the pride of eating their own cooked food…

2. Get a little creative

It has always worked with children. Make smiley faces with your veggies and ketchup. Tell them the happy face will go sad if they don’t eat them and the matter of eating veggies will be solved in a jiffy. Make cats and dogs and flowers later on and experiment with your creativity!

3. Get a little muddy

Introduce them to planting. Let them plant some seeds in your garden. Taking care of your own plant, watering it and watching it grow is a pleasure in itself. Go with your children every morning to check how much their plants have grown. Eating the fruits of it will be the most satisfying experience in the whole world. This will help inculcate a sense of responsibility and care for the environment while getting your kiddos to eat some veggies.

4. Bring in the Story

Bed time come and its story time for all children. Why not use this precious time to include some valuable points in your stories. Make them aware through the stories like how the small boy fell sick after eating a lot of junk food and how the grandma became very happy to see her grandchildren eat 1 chocolate a day. You can use stories to inculcate a lot of values in your child.

5. The other side of life

Let your children know how fortunate they are to have food to eat and shelter to live in. Go out with them to shelter homes and give them a glimpse of the experiences faced by the less fortunate children. This will inculcate in your children values like not wasting food and to be thankful for what they receive.

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