Listen Up! How Storytelling Shapes Your Child’s Development

Discover the power of listening and the best children’s books to boost your child’s growth

By Kiidu Team

How Storytelling Shapes Your Child’s Development

Are you looking for ways to foster a love of reading in your child? Look no further than the power of storytelling! From an early age, children are drawn to the rhythm of words and the sound of a good storyteller’s voice. This interest in listening to stories can be nurtured and developed into a lifelong interest in reading.

But not all children’s books are created equal! It’s essential to find books that pique your child’s interests. Whether they’re fascinated by animals, nature, or adventure, there’s a book out there for every curious mind.

Let’s not forget about the storyteller – it’s critical to remember that the storyteller is just as important as the book itself. It could be a father, mother, relative, or nanny – but most importantly, if someone is a good storyteller, it will improve the child’s comprehension and language skills.

There are many different kinds of children’s books, and the most important thing is to find books that your child is interested in. Your nanny can also help to make careful observations about which books engage your child the most.

Picture Books – Picture books are children’s books with both illustrations and text. These books are appropriate for children aged 0 to 8 years old and are intended to be read to the child by a parent or caregiver. Picture books are an excellent way for children to learn about their surroundings and to foster their imagination.

Early Readers – Early Readers are books designed for children who are just beginning to read on their own. These books feature simple sentences and simple vocabulary, making them an excellent stepping stone for children transitioning from being read to reading on their own.

Chapter Books – Chapter books are longer books with multiple chapters that are designed for children who have outgrown early readers. Chapter books are meant to be read by the child, and they cover a wide range of genres, including mystery, fantasy, and adventure.

Non-Fiction Books – Non-fiction books are books that are based on real information, and they cover a wide range of topics, including science, history, and animals. Non-fiction books are great for children who have a specific interest, and they are a great way to encourage children to learn about the world around them.

Picture Book Biographies – Picture book biographies are books that tell the story of famous people’s lives. These books are written for children and are a great way for children to learn about historical figures, scientists, and artists. Picture book biographies are a great way to encourage children to develop an interest in history and to learn about the world around them.

How does Storytelling support a Child’s Development?

When listening to stories, children are able to develop their knowledge of a subject. Concentration occurs when listening to an interesting subject, and children’s minds are opened to new possibilities and ideas.

Additionally, children are practicing their listening, speaking, and communication skills. They are listening to the sound of the words, repeat them, and interact with the storyteller, whether it is a parent or a nanny.

Language development is another critical aspect of children’s development that is fostered by listening to stories. Children learn to recognize and understand new words, improve their pronunciation, and practice using onomatopoeic words. These skills are essential for the child’s overall language development, and it’s essential to encourage these skills from an early age.

Your nanny can help to implement storytelling as a regular part of your child’s daily routine so as to ground them in the fundamentals of reading.

In conclusion, children’s books and listening to stories are essential for children’s development, but finding mentors who are available to help develop these skills can be challenging. Kiidu is a platform that offers a selection of nannies who meet high standards and are able to help children develop their understanding and language skills. Whether the child speaks Thai, Chinese, English, or another language, Kiidu has nannies available who can help.

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