The Ultimate Guide to Safely Hiring a Maid Service During COVID-19

Safely Hiring a Maid Service During COVID-19

What can you do if you want or need to use a maid service during this worrisome and unsettling COVID-19 pandemic?

You know there are risks, but as you look around your house, your bedroom, your surroundings, and then your piles of works and to-do lists, all you need is that person who can help you clean.

Hygiene, simply put, is important to you, but you don’t have time to do it all yourself. The pandemic may put an end to several things, but not your works and, particularly, those piles of clutter.

In fact, as you stay home more often, your home seems to need your cleaning more than ever. But you don’t have time and you don’t want to do it all yourself. Regardless of reasons, you need, you decided, a helper—a cleaner.

There are helpful things you can do, actually. Hiring a maid service during the pandemic time is possible. You may not be able to eliminate the risks, but you can certainly minimize them.

Safely Hiring a Maid Service During COVID-19

Follow our practical guide below here to see what you can do, to make sure you properly prioritize your well-being and others’ when hiring a maid service.

1. Look for a professional maid service, particularly one with proper COVID-19 measures and precautions

When it comes to a maid service, actually you have choices. You can go either for an individual cleaner or a cleaning service company.

The question you must ask yourself, however, is how much you are sure that your maid service of choice is truly professional, responsible, and reliable.

This kind of ethics and standard question is important here precisely because it can illuminate how much your selected service provider is capable of putting proper COVID-19 measures and precautions in place.

If you have an individual cleaner of your mind and you trust him or her, then you are free to go, but if you are pretty much wondering where to go or where to begin, it is safe you choose a company rather than an individual stranger.

With more resources and desires to survive, a company is more likely to have a systematic and effective approach to address a certain crisis or issue.

At Kiidu, for example, as our CEO addressed early on since the dawn of COVID-19 time, “We conduct Covid-19 standard procedures in our company and show our customers that they are safe even when they use our nanny, babysitter, tutor, maid, driver, senior caregiver.”

2. Request for your maid’s medical checkup

Requesting for a maid’s medical check-up is possible. The request may not be possible in every provider, particularly if you choose an individual cleaner who could be more reluctant to do that just for you, but here at Kiidu and some other places, it is possible and certainly valuable and helpful.

The fee for the check-up, however, it should be noted, is generally to be paid by a customer who puts in such an additional request.

3. Make double sure your space is COVID-free with an additional or special COVID-19 cleaning service

This is probably not going to be available and possible in many providers, but at Kiidu it is possible.

After your maid cleans your house and space in a properly normal standard, he or she can proceed to do a COVID-19 decontamination cleaning session or so-called a COVID-19 removal service to help you be more reassured.

4. Consider hiring a live-in maid

A live-in maid is a maid hired to help with all your household chores and reside in your home on a daily basis. If you think you will need a maid almost every day or on a daily basis, hiring a live-out one, or a maid similarly hired to help with all your household chores but residing elsewhere, could make it more difficult to control and minimize the risks.

With a live-in maid, however, you can make sure that least he or she stays safe and COVID-free in your house. You can set your COVID-19 precautions and measures for every of your household members, including your maid.

5. Prepare yourself and your space before a maid arrives

Ultimately, make double sure that you properly prepare yourself and your space before your maid arrives. This step is highly crucial and important: COVID-19 is all about touch and contact.

Even if your maid’s medical check-up shows that he or she is COVID-free, you should still strictly practice social distancing. Keep all your personal items and products away when your maid arrives to prevent any touch and contact.

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