Caregivers: How it works

To become our members, all caregivers are required to go through the application process facilitated by our supportive human resources team, ready to assist you and ensure a seamless application experience. We provide various application options including both traditional in-office submissions and modern online alternatives such as our Kiidu Application and other online platforms, allowing you to select the method that best aligns with your preferences.

In-Office Application

You are warmly invited to our headquarters for in-person job applications. Our office is conveniently situated in the central area of Bangkok at 42 Tower, Sukhumvit 42, offering easy accessibility. During your visit, you can engage in face-to-face discussion with our recruitment team, gaining valuable insights into the job application process, company policies, and agreements. You may provide copies of the job application documents and fill out the form directly at our office. Additionally, our skilled interviewers will work with you to craft a personalized profile, enhancing your resume to showcase your unique skills and experiences, making your professional background more compelling and outstanding.
Kiidu Thailand Co.,Ltd.
65, 42 Tower, Room 2101, Soi Sukhumvit 42 (Kluaynamthai), Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong sub district, Khlong Toei district, Bangkok 10110
Online Application with Kiidu App
We highly recommend utilizing the Kiidu application for submitting your job application—an intelligently designed platform that streamlines the entire application process. The application is easily downloadable on both IOS and Android platforms, providing a user-friendly online method where you can autonomously register an account, input your personal information, elaborate on your work experience, and submit required documents at your convenience. After completing your application through the Kiidu platform, you'll have the opportunity to interview with our human resource team, who will offer assistance in finalizing and enhancing your profile.
Online Application with Alternative Platforms
We also offer diverse online job application options through other digital platforms like Line, WhatsApp, TikTok, and Facebook. You will engage with our human resource team, who will actively guide and support you through the application process via the digital platforms of your choice. Our intention is to provide multiple accessible channels, ensuring an effortless connection for your job applications
Preparing Photos and Documents
for Job Applications.
At the initial stage of the process, caregivers are kindly requested to submit essential and additional documents, accompanied by a portrait profile photo and an introduction video, to the company. To ensure the comprehensive completion of your application materials, we recommend adhering to the instructions below which will facilitate a smoother and faster application process, and increase your chances of job opportunities.
Essential Documents
Thai caregivers are required to prepare essential documents for their job applications, encompassing a valid Thai national identity card and home registration records. Applicants for driver positions must additionally furnish a valid driver's license. Caregivers of other nationalities should ensure they have crucial documents, namely a valid passport and work permit.
Additional Documents
We strongly encourage you to submit supplementary documents, including educational certificates, professional training certificates, language training certificates, and reference letters. The inclusion of these additional documents will significantly enhance the standout quality of your profile to the prospective employer.
Portrait Photo & Introduction Video
It is of significant importance that you also provide a suitable portrait as a profile picture; a professional headshot photo where you are dressed appropriately, wearing a smile, and maintaining good posture. It is also essential to make sure that the background is plain and non-distracting. For the introduction video, You may create a brief video with a length of 1-2 minutes where you introduce yourself, share your relevant work experience, express your genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the position, and briefly outline your educational background and any pertinent training. The purpose of the introduction video is to provide prospective employers with insight into who you are and why you would be an excellent fit for their family. it is recommended to maintain genuine, positive, and highlight the qualities that make you an ideal candidate.
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