Elderly Care for Parents: 5 Steps to Take When Aging Parents Need Help

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It can be difficult to see your parents get older and deciding what’s the best for them can be a stressful process. There are so many decisions to make and it is hard knowing what they need, especially if they are struggling with their health. No need to worry, we at Kiidu are here to help you one step at a time. Read on to find our step by step process of caring for your aging parents; we are here for you.

  1. Evaluate the situation

It can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming trying to figure out where to start when it comes to your parent’s health and safety. The first thing you need to do is to take a step back from the high emotions and assess your parent’s health, living and mobility needs. Be realistic about how much support your parents require and what the future looks like. Focus specifically on medication, transportation and their social life. It can be helpful to keep a journal to write everything down and it will make it easier to evaluate the situation logically.

  1. Ask yourself: what do you need?

When it comes to your parents, you may automatically want to take on the role of caregiver. Although this may be an option for some, ask yourself if it is a realistic long-term option. Assess what you need in order to ensure your own happiness as well as theirs and be honest about your boundaries. Remember, it is okay to respect your own needs and you do not have to be the sole caregiver.

  1. Make a plan

Once you have assessed your parent’s situation as well as your own needs, it is time to create a plan on what to do. This can include determining what home safety basics will be set up or establishing the need for a full-time caregiver. Write down how you plan to solve each requirement of your parents (and your) situation and the best way to go about it.

  1. Assess the financial situation

Once you have a clear plan on what needs to get done in order to ensure the best quality of care for your parents, you need to consider how much it will cost and what you can afford. This includes large expenses such as transportation as well as daily living expenses such as food and medicine. Be realistic and create a budget to prevent difficult situations. There are many government assistance programs as well, so make sure to explore all possible options.

  1. Find the right aging care options for you

Now that you have a clear plan of what you need as well as what you can afford, you can begin finding the ideal aging care options for your parents. Kiidu can help as we provide food preparation, daily routine assistance, fluid management, caring for bed ridden seniors, and more. We have a variety of experiences and options to guarantee the best fit for your family.

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