14 simple steps - to prepare for babysitter job interview

Posted on Aug 4 2015

Going to an interview with parents can be intimidating. But it does not need to be. By preparing for your interview you will feel more at ease and be more confident in job interview. At first you might not know where to start, but let’s break it into easy, simple steps:



Check your resume is up-to-date. Update existing information and add any missing details. Highlight all details parents will be interested in a nanny and relevant working experience. Any experience working as nanny or with children should be included to show parents you’re familiar with children. Do not forget to include relevant training and courses like first-aid training.


Certificates and Licenses


Show parents you’re a professional nanny and take your job seriously by showing them your qualifications. It is important nannies are able to cope in emergencies so show any CPR, first aid and related training you have received. Include also experience working with disabilities and disorders like diabetes and epilepsy.



Prepare necessary identification documents to prove parents you are who you are. Parents are trusting your child with you, so they want to be 110 % sure they can trust you as their nanny.



Parents want to be sure you have a valid visa. You should have a legitimate visa that is not a tourist visa to work as a nanny.

 Medical checks


Include recent medical checks you have taken to show you’re healthy and capable of taking care of children. Parents want to be sure you are in good health and condition to look after children before hiring you as their nanny.



Ask people to recommend you and provide detailed information about you. These can be virtually anyone but ideally you should include parents you have worked for in the past. Select people who would genuinely recommend you as a nanny from the bottom of their heart. Provide their contact details.



Are you available full-time or part-time? Do you want to work in the evening, during weekends, holidays or are you looking for a full-time job? Decide when and how long you are available for work.



Decide your hourly salary. Your salary should be based on your experience, qualifications, training etc. Be realistic in your rate so you don’t end up getting too little or expect too much. If your salary is too high compared to your information, parents will choose a nanny with a more competitive rate.

 Contact details


Prepare a sample contact detail list for parents to fill in. This will come in handy should there be any emergency. It also shows parents you plan ahead and are well-prepared in case of an emergency.


Sample day schedule


Parents want a nanny who they can trust to take care of your children. Show you’re the right nanny by first thinking what a typical day looks like and show what parents what would you do. This can be anything with the kids - showing how much fun children have playing with you, how good you’re at cooking healthy meals to children etc. Demonstrating how you work will assure parents you’re the right nanny for the job. Essentially they want to be assured you provide quality time to their children, not just play with your phone while children watch tv. Show it!


List of fun things to do with children


This is a great way to show you’re familiar with the area. Describe places to visit with children (children’s park, zoo, football field etc) in the nearby area. These should be relatively close and cheap to visit. They should also be something the kids will be likely to enjoy.

 List of fun activities


What will you do when the children are bored? or when it’s a rainy day? This is a good way to show how creative you are. Parents can rest assured you can be creative and create fun activities for children.



Show parents photos and possibly videos of you working with children. Show what you did and how much fun you had! You can show the time you brought children to a park, or when you read a book to children or a lovely card a child made for you. This will not only show how much you enjoy your work but also how much children love you!



What would you like to know/ask from parents? This not only shows you are interested in them but also provides you valuable information. Do not only ask about parents’ wishes but also ask about children, what they like, what hobbies they have etc. If children are present, pay attention to them to show you like them. If they are not present, ask if you can see them and talk with them. This will both assure parents you are the right nanny for the job and prepare you for your first day. The first day will also feel less scary when you’re already familiar with the children.


Use the guidelines within this article to help you prepare for a nanny interview. Breaking it down to smaller steps makes it easier to get started and put you at ease. Start making it early on and update it as you gain experience. Remember to also adjust details to match the particular family’s needs and concerns. Keep in mind the child(ren)’s age. The more information you provide, the easier it is for parents to choose you as their nanny.

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