How To Find the Right Nanny

Posted on Mar 11 2016

How to Find the Right Nanny

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Now that you have decided to hire a nanny to help you run the house smoothly, you might be wondering where to begin. Where should you start and how to choose when numerous options are pushed to your face. How can you find the nanny from among the many candidates who is the right fit for your family. was designed exactly to remove all those hassles and make the process much simpler and user friendly. We are based in Bangkok, Thailand.

All you have to do is enter your locality and your requirements with respect to full time or on-demand, salary range and languages spoken. All the available nannies will pop on your pages. And you can simply start viewing their profile by clicking on the Orange button : View Profile. Once selected click the Green Button: Request a booking.

What makes KIIDU different from all the other Agencies is that it has been set up by a mother herself and so exactly knows what all might be going through your mind when it comes to selecting the right nanny for your kid

  • We select nannies for our company after thorough screening and Personal Interviews
  • We take extra care while doing their background checks to understand their personality since we give paramount importance to safety of your family.
  • We give the nannies workshops and trainings led by reputed personalities and Professional Nanny trainers from the training department
  • We collect documents related to their work permit and ID cards to ensure the legality
  • We collect documents related to any certification with respect to Nanny training they have done
  • We collect documents relating to reference letters if any of the previous families have provided
  • We sign agreement with them explaining the rules and policies of KIIDU once we feel that the nanny is fully fit to be employed by the families
  • We have a huge database of nannies, maids and pet caregivers with lot of experience and language skills

A year into our service our customer base has been growing exponentially after receiving the extra effort that we take in helping you to find the nanny.

Our unique service has been designed to help the families in Thailand, both Thai and expat families on finding full time, part time or On-demand. We provide nanny services to traveler parents as well for whom our On-demand service will ensure to have a hassle free trip.

               Write to us at [email protected] or give us a call at +66 972348490 for any queries you have.



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