Why to Keep your Kids Occupied!!

Posted on Mar 17 2016

Written by Hanna J. Rex,Marketing Executive,Kiidu.

Days and seasons passed away so quickly and your charming baby who you cuddled yesterday is running all around your house now. This age is very important and significant in a child`s development. We buy lot of toys and dolls and remote controlled toys. They become amused and finally after the merry making it all ends up in the trash.

How to catch your child`s attention at this age? How to develop his/her mental horizon and social skills.

Three is the Perfect Age to start introducing games and activities for children. Keeping their minds occupied with such constructional activities at this age is very important for their physical and mental development.

Introduce your children to swimming classes and ballet classes. Let them experiment with some of the activities out there until something catches their interest. Introducing Swimming and cycling at such young age can help them quickly disperse the fear or phobias that usually come along with it. Sign up your children for any Art and Craft classes nearby. Introduce them to colors and drawing and clay making. Take them to the parks once in a while. Outdoor activities are crucial at such young age. Introduce them to card and Board games. Children learn a lot about communication skills.

  1. Learning the art of following directions

When you participate in such classes or play games you will be first told about the rules of the game and the directions to follow. This helps your kid to learn more about the art of listening and following instructions. Being able to follow instructions comes in very for your child as he or she starts going to school

  1. Spirit of Sportsmanship

In any game you either win or lose. Learning to lose is equally as important as learning to win. You learn and develop lot of skills during losing. It makes your mind stronger for any adversities that may come in your life and teach you that it`s not the end of everything.

  1. Learning to Try

As important as you learn to lose is the importance of learning to try. Games teach you, the art of patience and perseverance. Great lessons can be learnt for life if you let your children invest their time in outdoor activities and games. You learn that even if you lose games, and you keep on trying ultimately you win.

  1. For the Physical Development

Taking part in physical activities boost your physical development immensely. It also helps in children in getting proper sleep and getting into a schedule or routine. Physical activities such as swimming or playing at the parks helps very much in the growth of children. Making them physically fit also helps them develop immunity and resist diseases.

  1. For the mental development

For many of the games like board games or solving puzzles it requires them to think and play strategically. Such games actually promote the development of young minds.  Long-term thinking skills, planning are required to really master these games.


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