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Posted on Mar 28 2016



26th March 2016 was a bright and sunny Day. And of course I got up early, excited. It was Kiidu`s 1st Workshop for On-Demand nannies. I was very happy and nervous at the same time. Happy because I was selected among the very few participants, Kiidu had selected for the workshop and Nervous because it is the first time I am going to attend a workshop for Nannies for the first time in Bangkok.

As I reached Kiidu`s office, Nannies had already assembled in the conference room. I was glad anyways since I got a seat in the first row. Our instructor was Sukantha. She conducts workshops for Caregivers in Thailand and across Asia. Her proficiency in teaching Nannies has led her to give many lectures. She is an academician herself and own a playschool as well.

Hours were just flying as we were all so much engrossed in her class. She gave us a fun and interactive session regarding the skills of a nanny. She covered topics ranging from Roles and Responsibilities to Songs and Games for children. A number of interesting worksheets were given to us teaching about how to respond in times of emergencies. I have been a nanny for more than 7 years but the workshop was such an eye-opener for all of us. We got lot of information that will be of so much use to us.

Kiidu is going to venture out its Nanny business to hotels as well as in the city. Tourists and Travelers are in dire need of nannies while they are on vacation. Thus it came up with the idea of On-Demand nannies. The business model Kiidu has come up with is simply exciting. It is similar to a Grab-Taxi or Uber model. All the traveler needs to do is to enter the location and search for the qualified nannies around the region. The available nannies will pop on the webpage. Such a system has never before been heard of and is going to be a huge success as we nannies don’t have to travel far, and can reach our destinations right on time as well.

Our instructor taught us a lot about how to behave with new families and how to spend time effectively with children. She taught to us lot about the communication skills, dress code and the ways to bond with children. We were given practical sessions as well where we had to do role plays. That was a lot of fun. She gave us lot of valuable information from the video presentations as well. We were given exercises to do where we had to answer to situational questions. Overall the entire workshop was worth the time and a great success.

At the end of our session the Kiidu team explained in detail how the entire system is going to work. They have planned lot of exciting additional strategies to make On-demand nanny business a huge success. We are glad to be a part of it as all of their plans will benefit us nannies a lot.

Waiting for the next Workshop at KIIDU!!!!


Kiidu is a nanny providing Service Company based in Thailand for On Demand, Full time and Part time. We have nannies of different nationalities and skillsets registered with us. We provide service to Expat Parents, local Parents and for Hotel guests.

For more information Write to us at [email protected] or give us a call at +66 972348490 for any queries you have.

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