Blog post 6 Road Trip Bingo With Your Kids

Posted on Dec 17 2015


Have you done road trips with your children yet? If yes, you know how boring it can be for children to sit in a car for hours. You have just passed the halfway and your kids are asking “Are we there yet?” every few minutes. Your children are bored, they have nothing to do and they want to finally get out of the car. But there’s still a couple hours more to go and you’re going crazy. What to do? Introduce Road Trip Bingo!

You can find many road trip bingos from the internet and print them. But if you do it yourself, it can be even more fun! Take paper, ruler, pencils and colouring pens. First draw boxes on the paper. Now think what you will see along the ride: traffic lights, trees, cyclists, police cars etc. You get the point. Do it together with your children, start thinking and drawing. You will have a lot of fun even before you get in the car!

So now you have come up with 9 things you might see along the ride. What next? It’s time to draw them in the boxes you drew earlier, colour them and write the names. When the bingo is finished (make sure to make one for everyone), get in the car and start looking out of the car windows while driving. Every time you see one of the things in the bingo, mark it. The first one to get a bingo wins.

Road trips can be easily made fun for your kids. Creative ways like road trip bingo can make road trips fun and enjoyable for your entire family getting you closer to each others. The children get happier, more observant, creative and they pick up new skills. Ultimately road trip bingo can make mundane things appear interesting.


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