On Demand Service of Caregivers

Posted on Mar 3 2016

On Demand Service of Caregivers at your Doorstep!!


What is On Demand Service all about?

It`s true that after hectic schedules of work and commitments, sometimes the work can spill over to the weekends as well. Else it might be that one single meeting that you need to absolutely go to which was completely unplanned. What if you are holidaying and you want to go on a special date with your partner just to enjoy a few hours of quiet time with your special one.

Having kids and babies can sometimes hold you back from such plans and appointments. We, KIIDU are exactly the answer that you are looking for. We are a company that offers you nannies On Demand at your doorstep.

We provide On Demand Service at Hotels and at your Homes in times of such unplanned situations. We make it so easy for the parents not to worry about their babies even if it’s a few hours on weekends or at the hotels while you are travelling.

How we make On Demand Easy for you!!

It`s a daunting task for all parents when the time comes to interview a babysitter, narrow the candidates down and find the right fit. We at Kiidu are committed in making this process easy for you. Our company has a database of well qualified professional nannies with years of experience whom we have interviewed personally and done background checks on.

All you need to is visit our website www.kiidu.com. Enter your locality and all the nannies around your locality will appear on our page. Select the nanny after reviewing the details. The nanny is just a click away.

 You can also make a call to your hotel lobby and the nanny will be at your doorstep at the time of your choice.

About Kiidu

Kiidu has been a company set up by a Mom who has had a lot of experience dealing with nannies in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Her own experiences and difficulties which she had to face as a working Mom while on travel in many countries made her understand that this is a major problem faced by a lot of parents. This inspired her to start KIIDU that has flourished into an established company in Thailand with many nannies and hundreds of happy Parents.

We at KIIDU have a database with hundreds of registered nannies from different nationalities that are available as Part Time, Full Time and On Demand.

Write to us at:

[email protected] or give us a call at +66 972348490 for any queries you have.








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