Caregivers Vs Holiday : How to balance both satisfaction

Posted on Jan 4 2018

Caregivers Vs Holiday

: How to balance both satisfaction



No matter which type of caregiver you have chosen, you will need to plan for the holiday periods. Nanny, Maid, Senior Caregiver and Tutor have a few days during a year where they can take a break, to regain their energy and feel refreshed to work again.

In this case, Kiidu will help you along the way, so you don’t need to be worried for this situation ( such as, sorting out any issues with your nanny, maid or helpers)

Let’s start with the basics...

Nannies, Maids, Senior Caregivers and Tutors have a legal minimum annual leave entitlement.

If you could kindly have a look at the calendar, shown below, with all the Thai National Public holidays (in 2018).

  • If your nanny will work during any public holiday, please consider that as over time. Of course, you can always prepare your own arrangements or if you would like, you can use our on demand service to fulfill your needs.
  • Nannies should be entitled to have a holiday pay(bonus)  after one year.
  • This means that the nanny will be paid during the days/weeks they’re on a leave of absence.

It’s the employer’s right to choose when the nanny takes their holidays.

 What do you do if…

… You are on holiday during the year without the nanny, does the nanny still get paid?

            • Yes, the caregiver should get paid. As an alternative way, the nanny could join and assist you and your family during your holiday if you feel inclined to.

            • If you would like the caregiver to work for you at your house while you’re off on holiday. Knowing that, it’s always better to have someone who can look after your house, pets (if you possess any), plants or perform any other duties.

            It’d be wise to ask very nicely about any aspect of this request to your caregiver.

...The nanny wants to take more days off during their holiday, than is it on the contract?

            • If the nanny wants to take more days off than it is on the contract, and assuming you agree with the nanny’s request, this would usually be unpaid.

      If you don’t agree with their demands, in that case you should discuss it with them.

...You’re hiring a new nanny and they already have plans  during the holiday ?

            • Legally, you aren’t obliged to give any of the planned leaves as holiday, your employee is requesting it and you can decline that request. However realistically, it would be better if you could maintain a good relationship with your caregiver.

Assuming that the planned leave doesn’t sit well with your family, you have three options to choose from:

(a) Don’t employ that nanny...

(b) Give that time of absence as unpaid...

(c) Use our on demand service to search for substitute caregivers during your nanny’s time of absence.


If you’re using the Kiidu service, we’ll help you make sure that the contract is correct and we will gladly respond to any question that you may have.


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