Reasons Nannies Quit

Posted on Jun 29 2018

            When it comes to nannies quitting, it is rarely because of the children being cared for. It comes down to some logistical reasons that can be avoided. Employers should first off show respect to the ones who are caring for their children. For example, speaking down on your nanny and viewing them as less than you can create an unsettling environment for both parties. Respect is important so that the nanny feels welcome and comfortable being entrusted to care for your children. Another important part of the nanny-employer relationship is finances. Anyone will naturally become frustrated when they are not properly compensated for overtime or have to ask for their paychecks every month. Being paid on time with no issues is expected. Along with this discussion of finances, nannies are expected to receive raises, just like with any other job where raises occur after a certain amount of time. At the completion of each year, a nanny should receive a 10-15% raise for her hard work and success with the family. If this does not occur, she will likely feel cheated and taken advantage of.


            Another concern is when the relationship develops between the nanny and employer and everyone gets more and more comfortable. When this happens, something called job creeping can occur. This is when employers take advantage of the nanny by piling more tasks for the nanny to do without discussion beforehand or without more compensation. Employers assume this is alright because the nanny goes above and beyond for the family. However, this is not alright and is inappropriate without discussing the tasks expected of the nanny.


            Something people also do not consider much is the personality types of the parents and nannies. Since both take care of the children, it is important to get an understanding of how the house will now be run. This is why the interview is so important, to get a feeling of how the two will work together. If a nanny likes to “run the house” per say, and the parents like to micromanage everything the nanny is doing, this can be problematic because the nanny may feel like she is not trusted with her work and the parents may feel like the nanny is trying to run their house. Communication is key to get a better understanding of expectations within the household.


            There are a few more reasons why a nanny may quit, but these are some of the biggest reasons that may lead to a nanny leaving a family. A stable household is important for the children’s development, and keeping a nanny by trying to avoid these issues is key.


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