How Employing a Nanny can help you return to Normality

How Employing a Nanny can help you return to Normality

All our lives have changed since the COVID-19 outbreak, and most of us are aware that the need to accept a “new normal” is a reality.

However, learning what we can expect and what our lives will be like may take some time, and we will almost certainly need to make changes to help us to adapt.

For some, that may include employing a maid to help with tasks around the home or a nanny to help with home learning or students spending more time away from school.

How Employing a Nanny can help you return to Normality

Knowing where you can find a reputable nanny in Bangkok can cause headaches for some parents, especially if it is something that they had not previously considered. You need to be confident that the person you are welcoming into your home and trusting to look after your child has all the right credentials.

How Employing a Nanny can be Helpful

While you can perform the checks yourself, it is often easier to use a company that specializes in finding nannies and performs the appropriate checks and due diligence. So, what benefits are there for YOU when it comes to employing a nanny?

1. Someone to share the workload

If you have been working from home and have children, you will be more than aware of the challenges of combining work and home life.

Your employer will expect you to fulfil all your regular work commitments while your child will be demanding your attention and need help with some activities.

While schools are starting to reopen, it doesn’t really feel like we are back in the old routine with more learning taking place at home.

With your “old” work-life starting to resemble something from before, some extra help taking care of your child’s needs would undoubtedly be welcomed.

A nanny can take some of the pressure off you and other family members by allowing you to focus more on your work but still allowing for family time in the evenings and at weekends. It is certainly worth considering and will help you to adjust to your new way of living.

2. Enables you to attend later meetings

With social distancing still being in place in can mean that some meeting are still conducted via Zoom or other similar apps. Unfortunately, this may mean that meeting are at less sociable times, again imposing on your home life.

This can be inconvenient and stressful for both you and your child, with your child feeling left out and not understanding why they don’t have your full attention. A nanny can divert their attention, allowing you to spend those few critical minutes concentrating on the meeting.

Of course, this is far from a perfect solution, but it is a reflection on how we are all going to have to adapt moving forward.

These may be short-term or long-term solutions for both your professional and home life, but it is another strong case for how a nanny can help you to return to normality.

3. Your child gets more attention

When your child is at school, kindergarten or even out with friends, they are getting the attention that they need for their emotional development.

Sadly, social distancing has meant that many of us have missed the regular face-to-face contact that we both enjoy and need.

It is easier for adults to communicate with friends and family using modern technology, but it is not quite so straightforward for younger children.

Giving your child the attention that they need, especially if you are working during the day, can be tough bordering on impossible. It is times like this when you need someone who you can trust to play with and keep them entertained.

Children need to feel like they are getting attention, and when they don’t receive it, it can cause behavioural issues.

Professional nannies will have plenty of experience in dealing with this as well as hundreds of activities and ideas about how they can keep them amused while you tend to other things.  

4. Help with the learning

One thing that almost all children have needed to do during the pandemic is learning from home. This has been in the form of online lessons and self-learning, and although this is easing, it is still the case especially with extracurricular activities reduced.

Not all parents have the skills required to be a teacher, patience being a prime example, but a nanny will be used to helping children with their homework, and this is just an extension on something that they would previously have done.

Getting the nanny to help with learning not only reduces the burden on you, but it can ease some of the tension within your household.

It has been a common theme that parents have found homeschooling hard with many fearing that it has harmed their child’s education.

Nannies are often familiar with a school’s curriculum and will have friends who work in the same industry who they can turn to for help.

5. Increases their social circle

Younger children may have had their circle of friends severely reduced during the pandemic. Nannies often go to meet other nannies in parks, coffee shops and other places during the day allowing your child to meet and play with other children.

It is fantastic for their development, and you will notice the behavioral difference at home. Meeting and mixing with new people will also help build your child’s confidence, particularly those who have found lockdown hard.

While you may have lots of friends with children, you perhaps have not had the time that you would like to spend with them due to work commitments, so this is an ideal solution for everyone.

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