Kiidu Weekly Parenting Advice #1

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Parenting can be difficult sometimes. Before the baby is born, you could read every parenting book available, but when the baby comes you could still find yourself lost between how to change a diaper and how to breastfeed properly.

Kiidua��s Weekly Parenting Advice aims to provide parents with practical and easy to implement parenting guides on a weekly basis. Check back every Tuesday 3PM on our blogA�for the latest advice.

Feel free to suggest the topic you would like us to research for you.

Play Bonding

Physically playing with your kids can be a bridge that deepens emotional bond between a parent and a child. Let the child lead, let them invite you into their world where they make the rules. Do not take initiative. Give them the power to decide and be creative. Physical contact creates deeper connection and deeper connections make communication more easy and thus creates trust and strong bond in the family.

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