10 – Dirty Spots that you Forget to Clean in your House

Nothing is more relaxing than coming home to a silky clean house after a tiring day but cleaning is a hassle, who can truly say that they enjoy doing chores?

While they are people who call themselves a clean freak there sure are spots that you miss out. Here are the 10 tops dirty sport that people often neglect.

Dirty Spots that you Forget to Clean in your House

Door knobs/ Door frames

How many times do you, your kids, family members, friends, neighbors, and guests touch the doorknobs in your house.

Those doorknobs are covered in germs and bacterium and when you touch the doorknob and then something else, you are effectively spreading germs constantly. The same applies to door frames as it is often out of sight and you probably don’t notice.


Removing out your trash doesn’t always do the trick. The residue may leak from the bag and leaving your trash can with an unpleasant order unless you clean it. Clean the trash can with disinfectant spray and a solid scrub.

Toothbrush holder

Yes, we all may clean our bathrooms regularly, but the toothbrush holder is the most missed spot you may keep forgetting.

Have you ever looked at the bottom of your toothbrush holder? Residue most likely will have gathered there making it a hot spot for germs.

Artwork, picture frames, and display units

Our need to collect the antiques should have filled your cabinet. Be it books, artworks or pictures surely dust has gathered. Try running a finger on one of them and you will understand.

Under appliances

When heavy lifting is required, we tend to avoid doing the cleaning but we can’t avoid forever. Being too busy cleaning the actual sink, refrigerator, and stove.

People often to forget to clean under it. There is little air in these areas so mold may even develop, make sure you dust and wipe down the area under the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen.


It once maybe twice, a year jobs people put off until they can’t no longer stand it. It is a huge task after all. Still, we should allow germ to build up so here are a short video on how to do it.

Vacuum Filter

Notice how old Vacuum cleaners maybe not be cleaning as well as before? One of the reasons why it doesn’t is because the filters are build-up with dirt and dust. Dirty filters hinder the performance of your vacuum so clean it can make sure it is dry before putting in back in.

Washing Machine

Similar to Vacuum cleaners and Refrigerator it is one of the things you should forget to clean. Failing to do so may make your clothes lost that fresh scent. Aim to clean your washing machine once a month if you are doing laundry every single day for a big family.

Coffeemaker and Kitchen Equipment

Many of us start our morning with a coffee, but is rinsing it out enough? You should be cleaning it daily. The same applies to other Kitchen equipment, you may wipe down all the counters in the kitchen but neglect to clean your microwave, drawers, and toaster. So, give your kitchen an upgrade by simply cleaning it!

Cleaning Supplies 

The last items on our list are the most ironic one! We use it clean yet we don’t clean it. Our mops, wash clothes and cleaning equipment are essential to cleaning so remember to also replace towels, sponges, and brushes frequently so that you don’t end up adding to the dirt when you are cleaning.

That’s it for our list of the Top 10 Dirty Spots that you forget to clean in your house. Did you miss to clean anything on the list? Thank you for reading, don’t forget to keeps your house silky clean!


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