Tips Every Nanny should Use to Turn Spare time into Valuable

Tips Every Nanny should Use to Turn Spare time into Valuable

Every nanny has a list of qualifications ranging from meal preparing to diaper changing, tutoring to being an in-house family soccer coach.

Nannies, don’t get much free time with the kids given their day-to day busy schedules, involving homework and school, but what does a nanny do if the routine is broken?

If it’s a weekly holiday, if the summer vacations have started or if the parents decide to have a spontaneous outing that breaks the routine which involves more free time with their child?

Tips Every Nanny should Use to Turn Spare time into Valuable

Here is where we break down tips that every nanny should use, to turn spare time into the most valuable time with their kids which in turn helps a child with inner and personal growth.


Books, novels and even morally bound graphic-novels are great for a child’s intellect. Fictional books carry themes of friendship, loyalty, ethics, courage and responsibility.

Kids of today like spending a lot of hours on their smartphone, PC, iPad or laptop, wherein the child, if guided correctly could be spending all those hours getting smarter and learning the basic values of life which will impact they’re growing ability and intellect in a huge way.

Kids who read educational books (not just academics) under proper guidance and supervision tend to WANT to study more from their text books.


This may come as a surprise for most caretakers, but movies have the same impact on a child, the way booksAdo. Children pick up characteristics from movies more than any other media platform.

What they see is who they choose to imitate. Movies like the Lion King, Frozen, Toy-Story, The Jungle Book, The incredible etc have very impactful social messages with loyalty, equality and the importance of family tied into them.

Children watching the right movies under proper nanny supervision have the potential to not just expand on their social skills but also develop a positive personality as they grow up.


The most creative way to open a child’s mind and offer them the chance to express themselves is art. Be it painting, sketching or even photography.

Children love cameras and if guided under the right supervision, they pick up a knack for detail, Art not only helps children grow, learn and get more disciplined, but it also instills the values in them for working harder and bettering themselves.

Another great attribute about a child practicing art is the psychological aspect. One can tell where the child’s mindset is at with the art they create and that by itself helps greatly with communication and bridging gaps.

Sport/Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities and sports especially have the ability to instill discipline in a child in the easiest manner without one having to be too authoritative.

Children like being guided and taught how to play a sport, follow the rules of the sport and most importantly how to be part of a team, even if the team consists of just two people.

If the nanny isn’t very good at outdoor activities, she must make it a habit to accompany the child for at least 30 mins a day to be part of a local kids team.

Sport in school and sport during free time are two very different methods, As sport in school makes the child feel like its part of their curriculum, however children participating in sport activities in their own free time, gives them the opportunity to practice the feeling of earning a victory while also maintaining the same rules and discipline under an authoritative figure.

To sum it up, free time with a child shouldn’t be wasted, instead, it should be valued. Children grow up with the characteristics that their nannies and parents have most influence upon them.

Characteristics of strong-minded yet value-centric individuals are best assimilated upon a child at an early age. Free time should be made fun, not boring.

Every learning activity the child does, shouldn’t be enforced upon, however, the child should want to do it. How to get there? Make the spare time the most fun way to educate them, get creative, movies, art, music, reading and sports.

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