5 International Pre-Schools and Kindergartens in Bangkok

Kiidu, Bangkok’s on-demand nanny service, ambitious goal is to provide care for children through reliable nannies. By doing so, we try to relieve parents of their stress and tensions and sometimes go beyond our core business.

We are glad to be on hand with help and advice whenever families need us. Since many families struggle to find a suitable school when coming to Bangkok, we hereby want to provide information about well-reputed international pre-schools and kindergartens in Bangkok. Make sure to also check the mentioned websites.

International Pre-Schools and Kindergartens in Bangkok Thailand

La Petite Ecole (French and English)

La Petite Ecole follows the French national curriculum and works around five major learning areas focusing on mastering language skills, learning through physical activities, learning through artistic activities, organizing thoughts, and exploring the world.

The school’s goal is to ensure that the best human and pedagogical resources are in place and provide an ideal environment for children to thrive and succeed in French and English.

Raintree International School (English and Chinese)

Raintree International School provides a progressive English-Chinese early childhood programme. At that, they combine the British curriculum with a Reggio-inspired teaching philosophy.

Above all, Raintree places a special emphasis on fostering creativity and communication, while developing each unique child within their community of lifelong learners.

RIS Swiss Section (German or English)

The Kindergarten of RIS Swiss Section supports education based on each child’s personal development. The main emphasis is to understand the world through own experiences.

The primary classroom language is either German or English, complemented with language classes in the second classroom language.

Hence, the pupils already become familiar with both languages at a very early stage of their scholastic career. Moreover, the school provides primary and secondary education based on the Swiss curriculum.

Saint Johns International School (Thai and English)

Saint John’s Kindergarten encourages children to develop into independent, curious, motivated and engaged learners, within a fun, happy and secure environment.

Children are encouraged to explore, enquire and take risks in an interactive, hands-on environment.

They foster the child’s own interests, needs and stages of development, and offer activities that extend, enrich and develop potential both inside and outside the classroom. Saint Johns International School also provides stages from Primary to High School.

Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten (English, Japanese, or Thai)

Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten aims at developing children holistically through an appropriate creative learning program surrounded by an exciting, fun, and nurturing environment.

At that, they make use of an American curricular designed lay a solid foundation for a child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

The Kindergartens campus is comprised of three sections. International section, Japanese section, and the Thai section. All Sections run on different Term schedules and celebrate various holidays on their own schedules. They do however participate in some educational events together.

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